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How to save money when moving to NYC?

Have you ever considered relocating to New York? Well, of course, you have! Who hasn’t? The Big Apple is one of the most amazing cities in the world. If you ask us, it might be the most amazing one. But, relocation to New York isn’t very easy. It takes a lot of planning, organization and a lot of money. Which is why many people give up and decide not to do it. But, as one of the best NYC moving companies, we are here to help you. Not only we can offer you a lot of advice on how to keep your focus when moving a house, or how to pack your wardrobe when relocating to NYC, we can offer you so much more. We can educate you on how to save money when moving to NYC.

how to save money when moving to NYC

Not having a lot of money shouldn’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Take a look at our list of advice.

Keeping in mind that many people don’t have money to spare, we have decided this is an important topic to cover. There is a lot you should know when it comes to relocation to NYC, such as how to handle moving paperwork, but let’s see first how you can make this relocation affordable. Your dreams of living in NYC are very much within your reach, because there are many ways to save money when moving to NYC.

1. Save money when moving to NYC by planning ahead

Although many people don’t know that, one of the biggest problems when relocating are things done last minute. Whether it’s your moving company, taxi fare or additional boxes, if you do it last minute, the amount can even double. But, you can avoid this. When it comes to moving to New York City, this is a cost you don’t need to have. Start planning months in advance. Take into consideration weather patterns, traffic jams, company fees. Don’t forget to include in your budget some unexpected events. Reuse and recycle material and don’t waste money on things that look cute but aren’t efficient. Call your friends and family and see what you can borrow from them. Do not avoid contacting professional moving companies, because you won’t save money. Chances are you will end up spending even more. And that is no way to save money when moving to NYC.

2. Use every resource available and take some time doing the research!

The easiest way to save money when moving to New York is to be smart about it. Make a list of everything you will need and see if you can get at a lower price. Use coupons, holiday discounts, Black Friday deals… All of this can easily be done, but only if you plan ahead. In addition to checking all the best deals when purchasing moving materials, do the same thing with moving partners. Regardless of is it a packing service or your transport company, you can always get a better deal. Compare prices of different companies, bargain for discounts and come prepared. You can only do this if you are at liberty to negotiate, meaning the deadlines aren’t breathing down your neck. Want to relocate to New York next year? Start planning now!


how to save money when moving to NYC

Doing your research and knowing all the info will always help you get better deals

Just because you are trying to save money doesn’t mean that cheaper is better. Or that you should be afraid to spend.Hiring a good and reputable company is a very well spent money. It will make your relocation to New York much better, even if it’s on a tight budget. Same goes for packing materials. Buying a bunch of cheap boxes that end up getting torn, and ruining your stuff is no way to save some money. When you are moving to NYC, spend your money wisely and there will be nothing to worry about. 

3. Get rid of the things you don’t need and your budget will thank you!

People always look for ways to save money when moving to NYC. Curiously enough, letting go is something that very rarely comes to mind. That doesn’t mean we are all hoarders, but we are not so far from. We like to cling to our belongings, which gives us a feeling of stability and strength. But, it is time to let go. Below we have listed a couple of benefits of getting rid of your things.

  • Moving to NYC is an emotional decision. In order to really start a new life, you need to let the old one behind. The best way to do this is to go through some of your belongings and keep only the most important and necessary ones. This will help you deal with the emotions of the relocation.
  • If you lessen your load and have fewer boxes to transport, the fee you will be paying will decrease. This means that you can significantly lower the amount of money needed to move to New York.
  • Once you have figured out what you will not be taking with you, you can sell it.
    how to save money when moving to NYC

    Keep the most treasured memories and let go of everything else!

    Organize a garage sale, or post the items on eBay and you will end up with the more money than you started with! That is an awesome motivation to declutter your home before the moving truck arrives. 


If letting go of your personal items is very emotional to you there is a way to make this experience easier. Instead of selling your old toys and books, you can donate them to RedCross, or some similar organization. That can bring purpose to your relocation and make you feel way better. You can sell the rest of your belongings and still end up saving money for your relocation to New York City. And you will have the satisfaction of doing something charitable!