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Relocating to a different climate

Depending on your point of view, relocating to a new city can be either stressful or exciting process. Having analyzed the pros and cons of the move, you’ve come to realize that moving to a different climate is the best thing to do at this point.

You are now ready to embrace this new challenge and start over in completely different climatic conditions.
The countdown to the day of the big move has already begun and you probably can’t wait to see the entire process through. But, given the number of tasks to tackle in between, you’d better start preparing well in advance.

Even if you are relocating within the same country there can be extreme climatic differences, let alone long, cross-country moves. Moving to a new environment is never an easy project and there are multiple considerations to be mindful of throughout the process.

What to do when relocating to a warmer climate?

As it turns out, relocating to a warmer state offers lots of advantages. Not only sunshine and mild temperatures proved to be beneficial for health, but also for your emotional well-being. If you have never lived in a warm climate, make sure to keep our suggestions in mind so as to adapt as quickly as possible.
While you are overjoyed to move to a place with the sunshine all the year round, you should consider both positive and negative consequences.

Perks of relocating to a warmer climate

a man with green cycling shoes riding a bike after relocating to a warmer state

Relocating to a warmer climate allows you to engage in different outdoor activities

– More opportunities for outdoor recreational activities will get you socially involved with other people throughout the entire year. Not only will you be able to exercise, go jogging, cycling, fishing, but also you will hang out and have fun with new neighbors and acquaintances.

Instead of spending your free time in front of a TV or computer, take a walk and explore what your new home town has to offer.
– Positive influence on your physical and mental health. An increased production of vitamin D will boost your energy and mood. Not to mention that the ”sunshine vitamin” is important for normal immune system function. It plays an essential role in bone and heart disease prevention. After moving to an unfamiliar environment, you are likely to experience some post-relocation symptoms.

We are happy to inform you that vitamin D can relieve relocation depression effects and boost your mood. In addition to that, you will get an amazing sun tan much earlier than before.
– You will be able to save money on home maintenance costs and winter gear. Keeping your home warm during the cold winter months is usually very overwhelming for your budget. If you’ve had enough of skyrocketing utility bills and costly repair works during the winter period, moving to a warmer climate will be a breath of fresh air for you.
– Your kids and pets will be happier. Instead of staying at home playing video games, your kids can take advantage of nice weather conditions and spend more time outdoors with their peers. This life-changing event may encourage them to engage in different recreational and social activities.

Cons of relocating to a warmer state

Whether you are moving to a new state for a job or choosing the best place to retire, it’s always a good idea to keep weather considerations in mind.
– Since you won’t be spending so much money insulating your house against the cold during the harsh winter months, your utility bills during the summertime will be much higher.
– Seniors are likely to experience complications due to the heat exhaustion – nausea, weakness, headache, muscle cramps, dehydration,…

– As a pet owner you should know that prolonged exposure to heat may cause dehydration and weakness. The same goes for the children, so try to limit their exposure to the direct sunlight for too long.

A dog (setter) sitting in the grass

Know how to keep your pet safe in the heat after relocating to a different climate

– Warmer climate makes an ideal habitat for various insects, bugs and reptiles. Being familiar with this fact, you can arm yourself with a lot of patience and repellents to keep insects away.
– If you are accustomed to enjoying benefits of four distinct seasons, be prepared to be disappointed. If you choose to move to Florida, California, Texas or Georgia, you should embrace warm winter temperatures sometimes without a trace of snow.

How to prepare for moving to a different climate

Due to different weather conditions chances are that many of your belongings will be useless once you move to a new location. Relocating to a state with a different climate involves a lot of difficult decisions.
The size of your new home as well as moving distance will mostly determine what to take and what to leave behind. Having said that, you probably realize that sorting and organizing your belongings is one of the very first tasks you should tackle.

Just ask yourself – what’s the point of packing winter gear and ski equipment if you are moving to California? If you, for one reason or another consider moving your winter gear, try to figure out if that project is worth all the hassle. Also, in some cases paying for moving and shipping services is even more expensive than purchasing those items after you move.
Letting go of certain items can be really difficult, not to mention those objects with great sentimental value. However, cluttering up your new home is not the most desirable way to start a new life.

An animated mover carrying and relocating moving boxes

Relocating to a new city calls for the professional movers’ assistance

At some point you will have to get rid of unnecessary items. So, wouldn’t you like to do it sooner rather than later?
Another important concern is whether to hire professional moving company to take care of the logistics of the move. When performing a long-distance move, your belongings will be better off with professional movers. After getting several moving estimates and reading online reviews and customers’ testimonials, you will be able to decide which moving company fits your needs and requirements. Not all moving companies are the same and you may actually benefit from doing some research and background check on the companies that seem attractive.