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NY Real Estate Trends


Here at Dumbo Moving & Storage, we looked at data from the past 3 months to see what the moving trends in New York are. We wanted to find out: what areas of New York people are moving from?, what areas of New York people are moving to?, and lastly where do New Yorkers go when they leave the state?

Boerum Hill is the most popular area people are moving to and people are leaving. Murray Hill is second on both our lists. Yorkville is out third most popular area that people are leaving, followed by the Upper West Side and Morning Side Heights. Morning Side Heights is getting replenished by new neighbors because they are third most “moved to” area. Followed by Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea.

Murray Hill, Boerum Hill, and Morning Site Heights are neighborhoods that appear to be constant flux, no doubt to rising rent costs. Families are leaving while young professionals are taking up their old places. Yorkville and the Upper West Side were always prime real estate but since the art scene has blossomed in Brooklyn, the area have become less attractive to younger generations. Hell’s Kitchen and Chelsea has always been prime real estate because of their proximity to midtown and their gay friendly atmosphere.

83% of our moves are within New York but the rest venture off to other states. Our most popular long distance destination is of course our neighbor New Jersey. Followed by a retiree favorite, Florida. Connecticut is our third most popular destination, popular for it is great state economy and that is a breath away from the New York City. Georgia is our fourth most possible destination state, a state popular for it’s business hub and Massachusetts is our fifth most popular state which is attracts people looking for a higher education.