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Neighbors from hell – tips and tricks

neighbors-from-hellMoving to a new city or neighborhood may introduce a lot of positive changes in your life. A new environment offers a wide range of possibilities that will come up once you start exploring your new city/neighborhood.

Polite and cooperative neighbors will help you adjust after moving in and give you all relevant information about your new city. Also, they won’t mind collecting your mail if you ask them to or taking care of your pet while you are away. On the other hand, bad neighbors may cause you a lot of troubles, so you need to apply an efficient strategy in order to avoid further, more serious issues.

How to deal with the neighbors from hell

Is it possible to live peacefully with the neighbors from hell? Coexisting with unreasonable and rude neighbors may affect the quality of your lifestyle in the new neighborhood on so many levels. The following considerations may help you find the best way to solve disputes and misunderstandings with your neighbors.

– Get to know your neighbors. Take time and introduce yourself properly as soon as you settle into your new home. Even if you have nothing in common you can be on good terms with them. Treat your neighbors in a friendly, but not invasive way so as to avoid future problems.

– If there is a dispute in the middle, lack of communication may lead to even bigger and more serious problem. Do not get angry immediately after a problem appears. Try to talk things out with your neighbors, without being aggressive, without accusing them of anything or demanding certain behavior and changes.

– If you are counting on your neighbors’ politeness you should be a good neighbor yourself. Before you start any argument with your bad neighbors because of their unreasonable behavior, make sure you are not acting the same way.

– Your neighbors might not be aware of the discomfort they are causing you, so do not make premature assumptions that your neighbors are bothering you intentionally and that they know for sure what the problem is. Whatever the reason is, you can find it out only by talking and being honest to your neighbors. Speak openly and directly and let your neighbor know that you are willing to find a peaceful solution to the problem and to compromise. They cannot read your mind, especially if you have moved in recently, so make sure you make your point.

– Offer your assistance. When your neighbors realize that you are willing to assist, they may want to reconsider their behavior. If they haven’t done anything about the issue, remind them politely after some time. In case things are getting worse, consider involving other neighbors that are also affected by bad neighbors’ behavior.

– Drastic measures should be considered only as a last resort in case you don’t have any feedback from your neighbors even after several complaints. Document the problem, take notes and photos if you want to involve authorities. If you are about to take further steps, let your neighbors know that, no matter how uncooperative they are. Your landlord should be also informed about the existing problem and that you are going to report the case to the police. You should also know that calling the police may make things between you and your neighbors from hell even worse.

– Filing an official complaint may cost you a lot of money, so make sure you are familiar with all available options. Involving a neutral third party would be more peaceful and cheaper solution if your neighbor is willing to talk and negotiate.