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Do I need a babysitter on moving day?

babysitter-moving-dayA smooth moving day requires thorough preparation weeks in advance. Although you are proficient in multitasking, you should decide how you will take care of your young children on moving day. Will you be able to look after your children while you are managing moving-related tasks like sorting through your belongings, packing, researching movers, cleaning, arranging your new home for moving in,…?

Your children’s safety should be your top priority on moving day and if you are not able to monitor your children closely all the time, you should find additional help, since they require constant attention and supervision.

Having a reliable person to look after your children on a moving day will give you peace of mind and reduce the moving stress. A neighbor or relative can be really helpful, but if they are not available on moving day, you can always turn to a professional babysitter.

Advantages of hiring a babysitter on moving day

Knowing that your children are taken care of and kept safe will help you focus on your moving-related responsibilities and get them done efficiently and right on time.

Pros of hiring a babysitter during your household move:

– Your children’s daily routine won’t be disrupted. No matter the circumstances, they should eat, sleep and play when they usually do. Ensure as stress-free transition for your kids as possible. Remember that even at a young age your kids are also affected by the move and every change or unusual activity in your home may make them feel nervous and unprotected.

– It is recommended to hire babysitter not only on moving day, but also a couple of days in advance while you are packing and arranging everything for the moving day. Due to numerous tasks you need to handle, probably you won’t be able to dedicate your full attention to your kids, which can upset them additionally. It will take a lot of time and effort to have everything arranged for the big move, so at least make sure there are no additional inconveniences and troubles.

– You can rest assured that a babysitter will keep your kids busy and out of trouble, while you can take care of moving tasks. Otherwise, if you are the only one watching your children, you may be constantly interrupted and asked millions of questions regarding your current situation.

– The kids will engage in some interesting and exciting activities. That way they might feel better about the upcoming relocation.

– Letting children run around the house on moving day can be very dangerous – they may easily get hurt and cause some serious incidents while movers are carrying heavy household items.

How to make moving fun for children

In order to keep your children calm and entertained pack their favorite toys and blanket in case they become upset while on the road. There are a lot of ways how to make moving fun for children. Playing games or listening to the music on the way to your new home are just some of them.
When you reach your new place make sure to unpack your children’s belongings first in order to create familiar surroundings and make them feel more comfortable. Engaging your kids in simple activities like indoor camping, hide and sick or decorating can get them excited about the move and help them accept the change. Allow them to play with used moving boxes and packing material, since it will keep them occupied while you are unpacking and arranging other moving boxes. Also, involve them in some decisions. Let them decorate their own room or add some new items they are excited about.

Families that have pets should also take some precautions on moving day and keep them safe throughout the process.