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Moving with Children

1477541_536987179712706_942684281_nHere at Dumbo Moving and Storage we have advice in moving a lot of precious things but we haven’t given advice in moving the most precious thing, children. It can be very hard on a child to move. So we thought we offer tips on helping children cope with moving.

-Throw a going away party for the child. It gives time for your child or children to say good bye to their friends and vice versa.

-Encourage your child to keep old friends at pen pals. With email, instant message and all the various forms of social media there is no reason why your child has to stop talking them.

-Allow them to help pack their own stuff. It will help let them fully grasp what is helping to them.

-Unpack your child’s room first in the apartment or house. It will help them become more relaxed in a space.

-Allow your child to be a child. If they are sad, angry or confused, just listen to them and wait it out with them.

-Take your child with you when you look at houses. If your child likes your new house, it will help get rid of their initial anxiety.

-Talk about future plans of the new house with your child. For example, if your new house has a big back yard, talk about the possibility of camping or building a tree house in your new place.