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Moving in together after getting married

Moving-together-after-getting-marriedIf you have been waiting until marriage to move in together with your significant other it’s time to consider some of the most important aspects of the cohabitation. Moving in together is an imminent change in your lives that comes immediately after you get married, so make sure you talk about the following topics that will help you get along as the newlyweds. Hopefully the following considerations will help you face the first challenge of the married life.

Tips for moving in together with your partner

– Talk about your expectations. Unless you clearly communicate your opinions and desires beforehand, even seemingly insignificant matters may cause serious troubles and misunderstandings.

– Understand each other’s needs and compromise. Express your non-negotiables and be prepared to sacrifice something in order to make your cohabitations a pleasant experience. Compromising is a good starting point when it comes to sharing a living space with your spouse and maintaining harmonious, stress-free family life.

– Be honest and supportive to each other. Talk about your needs and requests so as to avoid further issues. Remember that you can have a successful marriage and still enjoy some time by yourself and appreciate your partner’s personal space. You don’t have to spend the whole day with your partner just because you are married and live together. Learning how to maintain balance between your personal identity and a married person identity will help you have a healthy relationship with your spouse.

– Decide where to live. Are you going to rent or buy a new place? Apartment hunting can be very stressful, especially if you have no relevant experience at all. Make sure you know exactly what kind of home you want, but also be flexible and open to negotiate.

– Discuss your financial plan. Since both of you probably have different spending and saving routines, be open for some adjustments. Set your main financial goals and create a budget, taking into consideration your spending habits, financial choices and income.

– Arrange household maintenance responsibilities and talk about what you expect from one another in terms of keeping your home clean and tidy. Set some ground rules and act accordingly.

– Embrace an adjustment period – a very challenging time in your relationship.

– Plan relocation process thoroughly. Whether you are moving to your partner’s house or to a totally new, rented or purchased one, you should sort through your belongings and get rid of those that you don’t need any more. Even if your new home can accommodate all items that you own, try to keep your new home as clutter-free as possible.

– Make an inventory of both apartments and decide together what should be kept and what should be discarded. Even if you don’t like some of your partner’s personal items you should be sensitive when expressing your personal disagreement.

– Decide whether you are going to hire professional NYC movers to help you out with the move or you are going to gather your friends and relatives to give you a hand. Since moving in together may be very stressful and challenging, you may want to avoid additional stress and inconveniences and entrust your belongings to the professional movers. That way you will spare yourselves a lot of unnecessary stress and have more time to take care of other moving-related questions.

Living with your partner is all about communicating and compromising. If you are both willing to accept each other’s habits and lifestyles your relationship will become even stronger. Getting married and moving in together is a very important step in your lives, so make sure you are prepared and fully aware of all pros and cons of a married life.