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Moving with elderly parents

moving-eldersWhen moving with elderly parents or other senior loved ones you want to ensure a quick and smooth experience for them. Moving at a certain age may be emotionally draining and stressful whatever the reason is. At some point, people have to move to a smaller apartment since the old home is too big and difficult to maintain properly. Also, if they are unable to take care of themselves or need additional professional help, moving closer to their loved ones seems like a logical decision.

Tips for moving with aging parents

– Talk with your parents and discuss all available options. They are probably too emotionally attached to their current home, so they might have trouble dealing with the fact that they need to move to another city. Give them enough time to accept it and let them make their own decisions regarding a new home and make plans how their new place will look like. Take time to discuss their concerns.

– Creating a moving checklist will help you stay on track as far as moving tasks are concerned. Remember that your parents are emotionally attached to some items so help them move their favorite items and memories. It will be hard for them to let go of safe and familiar surroundings, so be patient and let them process the change.

– Make an inventory of your parents’ belongings so as to get a clear idea of the items that should be transported and left out. If you are downsizing, it is time to get rid of the items that have been accumulated over the years. Sort through their belongings and decide what can be donated, sold, recycled or tossed. Also, some of the items are not worth the moving hassle, so consider selling or donating them and replacing them afterwards with the new ones.

– Research movers. There are moving companies specializing in moving elderly people, so make sure you get several moving quotes from different companies. The full service movers will ensure your peace of mind, since they will take care of packing, loading, transporting and unloading the items. Moving companies that provide senior moving services understand their customers’ needs and caring and professional movers will do the relocation smoothly. Hiring senior moving professionals will allow you more time to handle other important tasks.

– Start preparing as early as possible. If you are flexible with the moving dates, choose one which is not during the peak season. Also, there may be some special offers during that period, so you may get a discount for chosen moving services. Bare in mind that having enough time to arrange the move is a great advantage, since lack of time may cause additional stress and confusion.

– Organize how you and your parents are going to travel to your new destination. If your senior parents or other family members have health issues, they certainly won’t enjoy too long road-trips. Also, they should have all medications they are using available any time during the trip.

– Whether the old house is going to be sold or rented, make sure it is cleaned and well maintained after the move. If you don’t have time for it, hire professional cleaners to do the job for you.

– Once you reach your new destination help your parents settle in. First unpack your parents’ essentials so as to make them feel more comfortable and help them maintain their daily routine.

– Arrange the new home and make it look like the previous one as much as possible. Let them maintain a sense of control and respect their concerns and requirements.

– Help your parents adapt to a new environment and make new friends.