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Moving back to the parents’ home

parent-homeDue to a difficult financial situation many people are forced to move back to their parents’ home after living on their own. For some people this decision may mean a step backwards and there are many reasons that can push them to take that step. The most common reason is tough financial situation. Also, this decision may be triggered by a divorce, break-up or joblessness after the graduation. It is stressful to live in a rented apartment and to keep up with everyday expenses with no income.

However, this doesn’t have to be a negative event after all. Some people deliberately choose to move back to the parents’ house in order to cut down the expenses and save some money for some future projects. Whatever the reason, it is never an easy thing to do. Moving in back with your parents comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s be optimistic and see what can be done in order to make this new situation more acceptable and bearable for everyone involved.

A guide to moving back to the parents’ home

– Know your goals and priorities.

If moving back to the parents’ home is just a temporary solution, stick to your plans and try to achieve your goals as soon as possible and do not give up on your dreams. Most parents will gladly accept their children back and help them during difficult times. You are not going to be dependent upon your parents forever, so find a way to pursue your career and get your life back in order. Although moving back to the parents’ home brings a lot of benefits (lower cost of living, lots of great and delicious food, financial and emotional support,…) you should consider it as a short-term solution. Your parents’ support gives you the flexibility to explore all career options and get where you want to be.

– Establish an agreement with your parents.

Consider establishing some ground rules when you move back to the parents’ home. If you want to share some expenses, let them know. If you want to contribute, find a part-time job, so that you can provide some financial support. Talk about each other’s expectations and always bear in mind what you can and cannot do while in your parents’ house.

– Show regard for your parents’ feelings and needs.

Take into account that they are now older and perhaps more sensitive, so try to act accordingly. They are also affected by your move. Be patient and considerate as much as you can and give them time to adapt to the new situation. Respect their lifestyle and their attitudes. Keep them informed about your intentions and plans. Your move-in has somehow changed their routine, so try to respect their house rules when you are home. Things have probably changed while you were away, so try to come up with some ideas how to make your cohabitation a pleasant experience.

– Help with the chores.

While you are looking for a new apartment or job, do not forget that the household should be maintained. Be willing to run some errands, your parent will appreciate your gesture very much. Know your responsibilities and duties your parents expect you to perform.

– Save some money while moving.

If you are moving back home after college, you may be entitled to a student discount. Contact several moving companies and ask whether they offer some students promotions. Although discounts may reduce overall moving costs, do not be misled by extremely low moving quotes. Be aware of fraudulent moving companies that can get away with your belongings or keep them hostage. Mo matter how much of a hurry you’re in, take your time to research moving companies carefully. The whole relocation process may be a real financial challenge, but if you choose wisely you may even save some money on movers.