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Moving Abroad – What to know

If we could make a classification of a level of difficulty for a type of moving and packing, most would agree that moving abroad stands as a winner there. And it’s true. Every professional mover would tell you that, in order for everything to go well, you will need to go through certain steps and make proper preparations. However, if you manage to do that, this experience will be an exciting new chapter in your life to explore. With the help of a trustworthy NYC moving company, this whole thing will be easily manageable.

Gather all the documents

Signing documents before moving abroad

Make sure to have all documents settled before moving abroad

When you are preparing for such a task it is more than necessary to collect all the documents. Be sure that there will be tons of different types of documents and dealing with paperwork is definitely not fun. Plus, it can be quite time-consuming. What we suggest is to start gathering all documents – birth certificate, all your medical records which include which vaccines you are given at birth until this moment. Then you should gather those documents regarding a country you are moving to; the ones for your current work and those regarding your job post, or school.

The thing with getting all your documents set is that you should not leave finishing the job for the other day. That way you will get stuck in time with other tasks knocking on your door. So, to keep up with the schedule, we suggest you compile a “moving to-do list”. All you have to do is go step by step and scratch the tasks you are done with it.

Check the passport

We assume that there is no need to emphasize how much important this travel document is. It is the only valid document which allows you to pass from one country to another. That is why it is of utmost importance to be sure that your passport is still valid and will be valid in the next six months. Some countries have regulations which oblige a passport carrier to have a passport which is valid at least a year. This is something you should definitely check out on time in order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. This is why dealing with paperwork should be your number one priority when moving abroad.

Having a valid passport

Have a valid passport

Visa’s next

After you have done all the necessary checks, you can proceed with applying for a visa. Again, depending on a country you are moving to, there will probably be some differences in what kind of documents you will need to submit. Not every country will demand the same. When applying for some countries, you will be required to set an appointment at an Embassy/Consulate in order to complete the procedure for issuing the visa. Somewhere the procedure might last longer than for somewhere else. Therefore, start dealing with this timely.

Settle your finances before moving abroad

Before you leave the country make sure that you have all the money matters and every financial affair settled. The first thing you should do is inform your bank that you are relocating. Let them help you with transferring your bank account. In case you have any debts, it is quite important to have those dues cleared before leaving. On the other hand, don’t give up on paying for insurances just because you are going to another country. Before you obtain enough information on how the insurance system works in a new country, continue paying for your Life and Health insurance in order to stay protected.

Packing time

Passport checked. Visa checked. Bank, insurance and all other paperwork settled. You are one big step closer to a big day. Of course, before that, you’ll need to prepare your bags. Now, many people tend to lose a lot of time on this step simply because they are not familiar with packing tips. By applying some of them you can make the process so much shorter and that will leave you enough time for dealing with other important tasks. Perhaps you will need some help with getting ready and packing so you might consider calling a family member or a friend to help you out. However, if you have too many things to pack and in case some of them are not so easy to handle, then consider calling for professionals to give you a hand.

A packed bag

Pack your luggage in time

Having them by your side you know your stuff will be handled professionally and with a great care. This is very important when moving far and not having to worry about whether your belongings will arrive in one piece and undamaged.

Note: When moving abroad check the regulations regarding the weight of your cargo.

Find a new home

Before a moving day, it is a good idea to have all the questions answered regarding your accommodation. One of the answers should be whether you are buying or renting a real estate. On the other hand, whatever you choose, you’ll need a proper preparation and research. If you opt for buying, there are things you should know when purchasing a house. Still, if you have any doubts on how to find an appropriate house or an apartment, you can always turn to a professional moving company to help you speed up the process and help you make a good selection based on your budget and requirements.

Quick tip: Unless you have a valid guarantee from a reliable moving company you hired, do not buy/rent accommodation before you see it for yourself and inspect it thoroughly. Sometimes photos can deceive and you do not want to find yourself in a problem far away from home.

Stay in touch with the people you care about

No matter how far away you move from your home, it is essential to keep bonds with your family and friends. Of course, eventually you will create a new circle of close people, but do not forget about your old ones. If in a situation, you could arrange them visiting you. If not, then do your best to visit them as often as possible, or at least once a year. In the meantime, arrange Skype calls to maintain the bond after moving abroad.

A group of friends

Don’t forget about your old friends after moving abroad

Enjoy your new environment

After you’ve unpacked since you’ve arrived and settled in your new home, go out. Explore your new hometown, meet people and just enjoy your new life. Every beginning is difficult, but when your heart is in place you know you’ve made a good decision. Give yourself some time to get accustomed and we’re sure you’ll have a time of your life.