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NYC Moving tips – Moving a car

movers from manhattan A car is one of the biggest items people have to deal with on a moving day. When you are moving nearby, a logical option would be to drive loaded car yourself to the new location. The problem may arise when moving across state or abroad.

Long-distance moves are very demanding and sometimes driving your car on a moving day is not the smartest decision and that’s when shipping companies usually step in. Auto transport companies will move your car where ever you want. People usually shrink from hiring similar companies because of the price of their services.

Here are some important guidelines for shipping a car you may want to consider before your big move.

– Figure out in advance how you want to move the car – by driving it or having it shipped. Plan it ahead enough to avoid additional stress and problems. One month ahead would be ideal, but auto transport companies are usually flexible (depending on the workload) so you can reach an agreement even if you contact them two weeks in advance.

– Pick the moving company specializing in moving automobiles.
After you have decided to have your car shipped, choose a proper company. Visit their web sites, compare the pricing and terms and conditions. Read online reviews and rankings which can be helpful, since you are probably not so familiar with the topic. It’s important to find quality shipping services at a rational price. As in almost every industry, there are fraudulent companies. Beware of them and choose wisely who you will entrust your car.

– Choose shipping option that suits you best: open or enclosed carrier, door to door or terminal to terminal shipping. Door to door shipment will cost you a lot, so you may want to consider other options if you are moving on tight budget. If it is doable, you can drop the car off and pick it up at agreed location. Terminal to terminal option will save you a lot of money actually.

If your car is extremely expensive, the shipping company will offer enclosed trailers in order to protect it during transport. Also, if you have more than one vehicle, check with your company if those can be moved at the same time. Shipping companies usually use trailers for several cars. Most of them are transporting motorcycles, too.

– Get quotes from your preferred companies by calling them or by filling an appropriate online form. The shipping price depends on moving distance, fuel price, type of the car,…

– Check company’s insurance policy.

– Once you make the decision, ask your company to provide you with the timeline and the possibility to track the shipment.

– Ask about additional costs like stamp duty, various taxes and fees, especially if your car is shipped overseas.

– Prepare your car for the move.
Have a maintenance check and clean the car. Wash if thoroughly and remove personal items, because personal possessions are not covered by the insurance offered by shipping company. Remember to turn off the car alarm. Also, personal items are not allowed for security reasons.

– When the car is ready for the move, take several photos of it from each angle, so that you can easily notice and prove if there is a damage after the transport. Create a list of all damaged parts of the car, so that you can make a claim for additional damage made during transport. Normally, you cannot use the car as an extra moving container, since the load will weigh extra, which will cost you more.

– If you didn’t choose door to door shipping, make sure you are on time both for the pickup and delivery.

– When the car reaches your new location safe and sound check its condition thoroughly. In case the car is additionally damaged, claim for an insurance. Make sure it is delivered during the daytime, so that you can do the inspection easily.