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Moving is no simple task – it requires a lot of time and effort. Additionally, you are unlikely to tackle the task by yourself. To avoid unnecessary risks of damage and mishandling your belongings, you will need the help of professional Brooklyn movers. When it comes to Brooklyn movers, Dumbo Moving and Storage is a leading moving company in NYC. Whether you are moving a household or a business, professional moving assistance can go a long way. By hiring our Prospect Heights movers, you will ensure a safe and smooth move that will be over in no time. Contact us today for a consultation or get a free moving estimate now!

Organizing moving
We will make a precise moving plan easy to follow


The time you will spend to think about how to pull off your relocation could be used for something else. Let us do that step for you. While we are dealing with the details regarding moving, you are can use this time to set other important things. Creating an effective strategy is the first step after signing the contract with us. Everything starts there. This is the step we want to do in agreement with you. We will listen to your requests and desires regarding the relocation. After we have a complete picture, we will be able to develop a strategy.


Making a carefully-designed strategy won’t do much unless you don’t stick to the rules. It is really important to follow the plan as it will allow you a smooth and less stressful relocation. Moreover, by knowing all the steps, you won’t ever have to wonder how much is still left to be done. Know you will know!


One of the things which makes movers good is their skills. We can say with great certainty that the skills we possess today are all thanks to our dedicated work. We have been grinding our skills every time we would pick up a box, pack a bag, load the truck, transport the shipment. The things we learned working on the field have helped us to develop into the professionals we are today. And this long journey, full of learning new things and acquiring new skills, is what we are proud of.


One of the customer’s top priorities when choosing movers is to have someone they can trust. Our Prospect Heights movers are well aware of this fact. Prospect Heights as part of Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC know exactly how to approach every customer and how to satisfy their requirements. People simply know what they can completely trust us. They know that as long as they are guided by us, that they have nothing to worry about.

We encourage you to feel free and tell us everything that might concern you. Our Prospect Park movers will be more than happy to answer some of the moving-related questions. You can ask us as many questions as you wish.


In order to ensure safe business, we are ready to give you all the documents for inspection. It is your absolute right to know who you are dealing with and whom will you be working with. Entrusting someone with your dearest possessions is not an easy decision. But our Prospect Heights movers guarantee you safety and discretion. We make sure to display all the necessary documents which prove our validity.

Note: If any company that you are considering to do business with refuses to show you the papers is likely up to no good. You should avoid them by all means and stop any negotiations with them. You should know that such companies don’t work for your interests. Prospect Heights movers do business fair and square and maintains excellent communication with their clients.

People going over a moving company insurance contract
All of our documents are in number

There are no hidden fees

Not only do we care about your needs, and how to deliver services, but we also care about your budget. Another very favorable option when working with us is that you know what exactly you are paying for. This means that the price we agree upon signing the contract is the ultimate price. There won’t be any additional costs you are not being informed about. What is more, for your money you will get absolutely the best possible services. That is what we guarantee you. We will make sure that you do not remain deprived of any service that you need over.

What makes Prospect Heights so attractive?

Prospect Heights is a very convenient residential and business area, so both families and retailers are moving to this neighborhood. With a low crime rate the neighborhood is considered as a very safe one, so, in general, people are more confident to move here. Due to its growing popularity, the number of available real estate is expanding. Brooklyn NYC movers are really busy in this area because there are plenty of convenient housing options including traditional brownstones, co-op buildings, townhouses, luxury apartments, etc.

Moving to Prospect Heights allows you to choose between inexpensive apartments and those whose prices can compare to the real estate costs in Manhattan. Accordingly, Prospect Heights movers are likely to be more affordable than Manhattan movers.

Let Prospect Heights Movers help you relocate
Moving to Prospects Heights is a good choice

There are lots to see and visit in Prospect Heights

People here can enjoy in many bars and eateries. With a lot of stores, restaurants and bars, Washington and Vanderbilt Avenue are the most crowded streets in Prospect Heights. It is home to many cultural and historical attractions such as:

  • The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • The Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • Grand Army Plaza
  • The Brooklyn Public Library


Prospect Heights has a good train connection with Manhattan. It has also and a lot of green space. This is really convenient in case you are moving here with children or pets. Although a very small neighborhood, it is a very appealing option both for tourists and people who choose to move here. No wonder why New York City movers have a lot to do in the area.

Brooklyn homes
Downtown Brooklyn streets are lively during the day, filled with office workers, tourists, students, and residents.


When a person decides to move, many things will affect a further course of events. One of the important aspects is the place you are moving to. If it is a place that will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable life, then the decision is certainly easier. New York has always been a top-place for moving to. Besides Manhattan, Brooklyn, together with its beautiful neighborhoods enjoys great popularity.

Prospect Heights is one of those places that simply attracts you with its beauty. Located in northwest Brooklyn, it is close to some of the most famous Brooklyn landmarks – Prospect Park, the Underhill Playground, the Brooklyn Public Library. It is known for its cultural and ethnical diversity – a mixture of Jewish, Greek, Italian residents as well as black and white culture. If this is your choice, then let the local Prospect Heights movers provide adequate moving assistance. We are here and awaiting your call – get your estimate today or contact our moving company today!