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Murray Hill is a neighborhood situated on the east side of midtown Manhattan. The area is mostly residential and quiet with a lot of tree-lined streets.

Due to the proximity to the financial district and Midtown Manhattan real estate prices are high. However, compared with some other neighborhoods, Murray Hill real estate options are not that pricey. Midtown area is within walking distance, which is very convenient for those who are commuting to work. If you work in one of the nearby office buildings, you will enjoy living in Murray Hill. Having an office within walking distance is quite a privilege in NYC.

Most of the moves Murray Hill movers perform in this area are for the customers moving here because of working reasons. The area offers new office towers, business centers, luxury condos in high-rises, 18th Century townhouses, commercial establishments, apartments in pre-war buildings,… Also, the neighborhood is home to various cultural institutions like the New York Public Library’s SIBL branch, the Nordic Center in America, the Mexican Cultural Institute.


Murray hill is considered as a very convenient area for raising children, due to good schooling system, which is why so many families are moving here. If you are looking for a good moving company, Murray Hill movers can be really helpful. There are plenty of movers in Murray Hill, you just have to choose those who meet all your criteria.

If you are moving from another neighborhood, there are fantastic moving companies in Brooklyn as well. Furthermore, by hiring NYC Brooklyn movers you are likely to pay less for moving services. In certain cases, some of them might charge you less than Manhattan movers.

While hiring professional movers, a recommendation can go a long way. A friend or relative, who has had similar experience recently can provide you with some useful moving tips. They probably know how to trace quality and affordable movers, and as a result, how to identify and avoid untrustworthy movers. So, beware of rogue moving companies, because once they get your possessions, they may keep them hostage or just disappear. So, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, research moving companies carefully. It’s up to you to choose the movers you will let in your house and entrust your belongings. Remember to read online reviews and, once you contact the NYC moving company ask them for references as well.