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Should I move house in the fall?

move-in-the-fallAccording to the current tendencies, people usually take advantage of the nice weather and move house during the summer. Parents with school-age children seem to prefer to move during the summer, in order to make it less stressful for kids. Summer months are the busiest ones in the moving industry, but let’s consider pros and cons of moving in the fall.

Due to some unexpected circumstances or business commitments some people are not able to move during the summer and they have to organize their move a couple of months latter. Like every life decision, this one too has its advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure you are well-informed about all possible scenarios that might happen throughout the fall move.

Pros of moving during the fall

Moving during the fall doesn’t have to be a bad experience at all. Hopefully the following considerations will help you be better prepared for the upcoming fall move.

– Moving companies are less busy than during the summertime since NYC movers are not so in demand, so you are likely to find reputable moving company easily.

– Moving during the fall can be a cost-effective experience, since movers offer various discounts and promotions. Therefore, you can get a really good moving service at a lower rate. Also, moving out of season enables you to spend less on moving and packing supplies, negotiate the moving costs and save some money.

– Less traffic on the road will speed up the relocation process and allow you to reach your new destination without major difficulties and stressful situations.

– Weather is ideal for moving – it’s neither too warm nor too cold.
Cons of moving during the fall

– The new school year has already begun and this transition might be difficult and stressful to your children who need to leave immediately after the new school year has started.

– Rainy moving day is something you need to be prepared for if you decide to move during the off-season.

How to be better prepared for a fall move

– Follow the weather reports a couple of days before the moving day. Be prepared for some changes in the moving schedule or delays in case of heavy rain.

– Protect your belongings against inclement weather. Plastic or shrink wrap may keep your belongings safe and dry.

– Fallen leaves, slippery and muddy ground may cause some major difficulties for your movers and the people who are carrying your household items, which may result in serious health injuries and damage of your household goods. Therefore, clean your walkway before the movers arrive so as to avoid possible dangerous situations. Also, keep your broom handy on the moving day.

Cardboard moving boxes cannot protect your items from humidity, so you can either get some special sturdy water-proof containers or shrink-wrap the cardboard boxes.

– Lay down towels, moving pads and blankets so as to protect your wood floor and keep injuries at bay. Organize your movers and helpers so that one of them who passes the boxes is inside the house. That way you will reduce the foot traffic in your house and protect your delicate carpets and floor.

– Choose your clothes for the moving day according to the weather conditions. Always dress in layers, so that you can easily adapt to any temperature variation. Your outfit for the moving day should be comfortable enough to allow you to move around and carry moving boxes easily.

– Set up utilities in your new house in advance, especially if it is cold outside.

– Research schools in the new city and find the most appropriate one for your children. Do whatever you can to make this transition as stress-free as possible.