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How to improve natural lighting in your apartment

For all that it has to offer, New York is a fantastic city for you to relocate to and enrich your lifestyle. It will offer you intense experiences like no other city, but it comes with a price. Whether you are moving to New York for the first time or you are more of a seasoned apartment hunter, finding a place to call home is a demanding and nerve-racking task. It’s recommendable to use the services of reputable movers and cheap storage NYC in order to best handle your relocation. Starting a new life in New York may come with many benefits, however owning a spacious yet affordable apartment is not one of them. Among many other questions that might arise when you set foot into your new home, how to improve natural lighting in your apartment is high on the list.

a bright bedroom

Improve natural lighting in your apartment so as to make it feel like home as soon as you move in

People who are looking to find a great, yet affordable apartment on a suitable location will need to adjust their expectations. The reality is quite different. NYC has the priciest real estate in the world, but you won’t be getting the space, light, and privacy that equals the sum you pay for the apartment. The expertise of an experienced broker will help you tremendously in your quest for a home. Use all the assistance you can get in order to secure a hassle-free moving process.

Improve natural lighting in your apartment and make it more calming 

a large and clean window that can improve natural lighting in your apartment

Make your places brighter with several tricks and adjustments

Before making a step to move to the Big Apple, one should be certain that has made an informed decision as to which neighborhood best accommodates their needs in order to avoid possible disappointments. Finding a bright apartment that’s within your budget and located in a great area that suits your requirements can be a daunting task, especially in big cities. Being a New Yorker often includes living in a space deprived and overpriced apartment with not enough lighting.

You may have to face the fact that your new cozy apartment lacks the brightness and sunshine you expected to surround you every morning after waking up and having your first sip of coffee. Improving natural lighting in your apartment can be a challenge. Whether your apartment doesn’t have many windows, comes with limited space and low ceilings, whether it doesn’t get direct sunlight or another building is blocking the view, remodeling will include additional costs. There is only so much you can do without having to invest in a major reworking of the interior. Spending more money on an already pricey New York apartment after an exhausting relocation is the last thing you would want to do.

There is not much that you can do to maximize natural lighting if there is no sunlight coming through the windows, no matter how small or big they may be. However, there are some tricks you can use to improve natural lighting in your apartment and bring a warm feel to your home.

Tips for making your home brighter 

several lampshades

Add some charming lampshades for better lighting and a more welcoming ambiance

Having moved and settled down in your new apartment, now it’s time to tackle the details and make it feel like home. When it comes to natural lighting, big cities apartments can leave much to be desired. To set a pleasant mood, you can invest in higher quality lighting that will have a huge effect on your space. Here’s how you can improve natural lighting in your apartment without going through some remodeling troubles:

Invest in lamps

Since you can’t rely on windows to be your only source of light, we suggest you enrich your space with other lighting sources that will complement the natural light and spread it around the apartment. Skylights are one of the most effective options for you to improve natural lighting in your apartment as they are called “windows for the ceiling” for a good reason. Installing a flush mount chandelier will add visual interest as well as height to your low ceilings.

Floor lamps are also ideal for small spaces. Don’t forget to improve the functionality of other rooms, like the kitchen or the bathroom, by adding task wall lights. To make your living room cozier, use ceiling fixtures, floor, and table lamps as well as candles. Dimmers can set the right ambiance.

Find the right mirror placement

Not only are mirrors decorative pieces, but they can also improve natural lighting in your apartment. By placing them next to or opposite a window, it will give the illusion of having more windows and will reflect the light around the apartment.

oval hanging mirror

Natural light is an important design element in any home

Light colors are your allies

Painting your interior with light colors is the best way to add brightness to the room and reflect natural light. Even though at some point you might want to experiment with colors, you should stick to the plain white when painting the ceilings. The same rule applies to floors and furniture; dark colors absorb the light and will not make you any favors when it comes to brightening the room.

Open up space around the windows

Since replacing or removing doors is not an easy and affordable option, you should clear the space around the windows and move the bulky furniture pieces away so they don’t block the natural light. Instead of using heavy window treatments, you should opt for lighter curtains or blinds that will provide you with privacy without darkening the place. A clutter-free home is a healthy and inspiring environment, so consider renting an affordable storage Brooklyn to keep your items safe while away from home.

Keep the windows clean

The accumulation of dust and dirt on your windows will have a negative impact on their light input. Clean them regularly and you will significantly improve natural lighting in your apartment. Needless to say, sparkling and crystal clear windows may also boost your mood and make you happy. It’s a tiny but significant step towards turning your place into a bright and warm home.