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5 amazing facts about New York that only locals know!

Well, if you are here then you must be debating one exciting idea in your mind – moving to New York! Although we have already written about moving to New York and what to expect, the interest for this topic never fades. People all over the world are obsessed with this city, and want to all there is to know about it! So, in order to bring you closer to your dream place, we have asked the locals to tell us some facts about New York not everyone knows. But, let us warn you, you might fall in love with this place even more. We know we did.

Before you decide to uproot your life just for the sake of enjoying busy streets of Manhattan every day, make sure that you are prepared enough. Read all you need to know about the costs of moving to New York, as well as about long distance moving. If you know what are you getting into, your relocation will be that much better.

Interested in the art scene in NYC? Then you should know this!

facts about new york

There are some things in New York that you simply can’t miss out on!

Only locals know tricks like this, and that is why we went the extra mile to provide all of these facts about New York to you. Many people that move to New York are obsessed with art and culture and can’t wait to see all the plays and shows. But, more often than not, they never do. And why is that so? Well, sometimes reality beats the dream. The tickets are simply way too expensive! But, don’t get disappointed just yet. Manhattan Theatre Club became aware of this and wanted to do something to change it. So, they decided to create 30 under 30 club. The aim of the club is to provide affordable tickets for young people. Have in mind this isn’t the only deal out there, there are many more. Now, this is something amazing about New York!

Want to take an amazing skyline picture while enjoying a drink in a bar? Well, in that case, head out to Brooklyn

You will not get this information so lightly, the locals do not like to share everything with the tourists. But, when you move to New York you become one of them. What best way to emerge than knowing all of the tricks? Our personal favourite is that the most amazing rooftops bars are in Brooklyn! So, don’t waste your time now that you know this about New York. Grab your friends and your cameras, and you will not be disappointed. Check out some awesome bars in Williamsburg and enjoy NYC to the fullest!

One of the most amazing facts about New York is that the best museums are free

There is no doubt that NYC is a city of culture and art. You can get inspired around the corner, walking into a park exhibit, or listening to jazz in the middle of the street. We have all seen enough movies to know that! But, what do the locals say about New York? Well, you wouldn’t believe! New York is a very expensive city, so any chance to save up some cash is more than welcome. There are many museums in NYC, and some of that charge the entire fee, but not all! There are many museums with no admission, or where you can pay what you can. This means that you can satisfy your cravings for some cultural uplifting any day of the week. The Met, even MOMA, are very flexible and open to this kind of deals.

What other secrets are locals hiding?

facts about new york

NYC is full of amazing places and activities

It is pretty obvious that getting in touch with the locals can be pretty beneficial. After all, they do know all of the tricks! But, what else can you learn from them? We have a short and sweet list of facts about New York for you!

  • You might be surprised, but locals try to avoid Times Square. It is too pricey, too crowded, and too chaotic. If you are interested in seeing a show or having a nice night out, there are plenty of places you can go to. And they are much better!
  • When it comes to facts about New York, this one is very well hidden. When they want to get out of the city, locals go to Roosevelt Island. It’s the quickest way to escape the hectic city and get a nice time off, using only your metro rail card.
  • Although locals avoid crowded and busy places, they do have a couple of favourite spots, such as Hell’s Kitchen, The Tenement Museum and Battery Park. Find out all about what locals do in New York, and you won’t be disappointed!

How can I organise my relocation to New York?

Now that you are even more in love with the Big Apple, you can start planning your relocation to New York. As one of the best NYC moving companies, we are here for any problems, ideas and doubts. We have a vast experience and you can contact us for just about anything. We will make sure to resolve any of your doubts, from helping you with your coast to coast move to helping you gather all of the necessary paperwork.

Moving is not nearly as difficult as some might say, especially if NYC is your destination. The key is to have a good plan and execution, as well as the right business partners. That is why choosing a good and reputable moving company is so important. Make sure that you are trusting a stable business with your relocation, and plan for everything ahead. Look for ways to downsize your expenses and increase your budget, such as decluttering your home. You should know amazing facts about New York, but you have to know all about your relocation.