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Factors that can complicate your move

moving checklist with a cup of coffee and a pen on a green background

A comprehensive checklist is a good starting point for your move

A household move itself is difficult even without additional hassles and complications. Regardless of whether you are moving to another state or within the same city, we all must agree on one thing – your move is going to be a stressful and time-consuming task. With a number of steps involved, it’s not uncommon to overlook some of them, especially those minuscule and apparently insignificant.

Having said that, you probably come to realize that an efficient moving strategy in the form of a checklist can go a long way towards organizing a smooth moving adventure. A thorough pre-move planning can help you break down the entire project into smaller, easily manageable tasks.

Although everyone’s hoping for the best when moving house, things may not go as planned. Hopefully the following will help you keep unpleasant surprises to a minimum. Here are some of the most common pitfalls that may arise when moving house. Hopefully you will find our tips helpful while trying to avoid some of the most common moving setbacks.

What can go wrong with your move?

Lack of proper moving strategy doesn’t necessarily mean that you are headed for disaster, but you are likely to get there. Not to mention that things may easily go out of control even if you are properly prepared. Unfortunately there are circumstances beyond your control that can affect your move. But, the truth is that knowing about them in advance may help you be better prepared. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up plan just in case.

Real estate closing is delayed

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With a reliable real estate agent by your side you can avoid some of the most common closing issues

Given the number of parties involved in a real estate transaction, one may think that closing delays don’t seem that unusual. Although a real estate closing is not set in stone, major postponements can change the entire course of your move.

Just try to picture this: what if you have already organized your move-out according to the dates from the contract and you suddenly find out that closing is for some reason postponed?

Possible solution or prevention: hire a reputable real estate agent who will represent your interests. He/she will be able to set realistic moving dates in the contract and help you understand the entire process. As a result, the risk of being affected by a closing delay can be significantly reduced down the road. So, instead of hiring the first agent you come across, take the time to research them properly.

Movers are late

This is when a notoriously stressful household move may become a real headache. Unfortunately, sometimes things just don’t go according to plan no matter how hard you try to keep mishaps at bay. What was supposed to be a smooth moving day turned into a nightmare because your movers are late for the pick-up or delivery.

Solution: Provided that you’ve hired a top moving company with extraordinary reviews, you can exclude the worst case scenario- the possibility that movers are trying to rip you off and take advantage of your belongings. Resist the urge to panic and try to find out the actual reason for the delay. Call your moving company’s representative and request specific information and explanation. Hopefully they will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival so that you know how much time you have left to tackle other tasks while waiting.

Unexpectedly bad weather conditions

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Moving house in bad weather may pose totally new difficulties

Inclement weather is one of those scenarios we are hoping to avoid when moving house.

Sadly there is nothing you can do about bad weather conditions on moving day. By following weather forecast during the period leading up to moving we can predict what the weather will be like on the day of the move. As a result, we can prepare appropriately and have a back-up plan in place. However, moving in inclement weather doesn’t have to be a disaster. Light rain on moving day can’t cause a major disruption if you are properly equipped. In case of a storm, you should discuss with your moving team if the move should take place at all. But, if you need to continue with the moving plan, make safety your top priority.

Additional moving charges

Unless you have all additional services stated on your moving estimate, chances are you will incur extra charges down the road. As it turns out, some additional services are included regardless of whether you’ve requested them or not. While shopping around for movers, check also who is offering the most convenient rates for additional services. If you are moving to a walk-up, you should factor in a long-carry additional service when calculating moving budget. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for the movers to try to scam the customers by applying some unsolicited charges.

Solution: Learn how to spot potentially fraudulent moving companies. A wrong choice of movers can jeopardize your move, so take your time to do a background check on moving companies you are interested in.

Missing or damaged items

As we all know, even if you’ve hired the best of moving companies accidents do happen. But, it’s worth mentioning also that if you are doing business with a reputable moving company the issue will be solved in a professional and efficient manner. Provided that you’ve purchased an appropriate moving insurance, you can talk to your movers and file a claim. A trustworthy moving company should care about customers’ satisfaction and come up with a quick solution. If they are not willing to offer a proper compensation, you can even pursue your rights in court.

Forgetting to pack the essentials kit for your move

An essential kit turns out to be one of the most important boxes during your move. Chances are you will be too exhausted to unpack everything the first day, so this is when your essentials kit comes in handy. Its content may keep you covered while on the road and during the first day in your new home. It should be easily accessible all the time, as it contains toiletries, medications, clean clothes, kids’ toys, chargers etc.