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How to child-proof your move

child-profe-movingMoving with children is more than a simple relocation to a new place. Other than taking care of all moving related tasks, you will need to keep your children safe all the time.

Although most of those tips may seem obvious, being in the middle of hustle and bustle people are likely to forget some of them.

How to handle kids while moving

When facing a change children may become very difficult to deal with. Preventing them from hurting themselves during the relocation process can be a real challenge. Hopefully the following tips will help you figure out how to keep possibly dangerous situations and household accidents at bay.

– The ideal would be to ask your friends and relatives to look after your kids while you are organizing the move. Having your children away, you will be able to pack and prepare your items for the moving day more efficiently.

– If the above mentioned suggestion is not an option at all, make a children zone. Designate a room within your apartment, arrange it properly and keep your kids engaged while you are packing. That space should be equipped with their favorite toys, blankets that usually keep them distracted. Although you cannot play with them all the time, they will need a bit of your attention. Make sure they have regular meals and naps. Also, consider hiring a babysitter who will keep an eye on your children all the time while you are managing moving preparations. Older children may be assigned certain, age-appropriate tasks and they can even have fun doing them. However moving with toddlers can become very intense. Although they are not aware of the the situation, they are able to feel the tension and probably react accordingly.

– Keep potentially dangerous items out of their reach. Everyone knows that kids are very curious about the forbidden and potentially dangerous items – electricity outlets, cables, sharp objects,…Don’t leave electricity outlets fully exposed while having your kids around. Keep cleaning supplies in an inaccessible place and pack medications in some boxes your kids wouldn’t be attracted to and put them somewhere safe.If you want to perform more environmentally friendly move, you can opt for organic or homemade cleaning products.

– Keep your kids away on the moving day in order to prevent them from getting in the way. Otherwise, movers‘ and helpers’ presence may make them nervous and impatient.

– Once you settle into your new home, make sure you create a safe place for your little ones by covering all accessible outlets, removing plants, masking sharp edges and corners,… Set up the kids’ room first and make them feel secure. Since the new environment probably seems unfamiliar to them, help them adapt to a new place.

– Stay positive. Remember that kids may be affected by your mood. Toddlers cannot really understand the situation, but they can feel your stress and frustration. Hiring a reputable moving company is a crucial step towards an efficient and stress-free move. Moving is not only about relocating your belongings from your old to a new home. It’s also about taking into account needs of everyone involved.

– After the move is completed, treat yourselves with a good family meal. Spend some time together and have fun.

– Maintaining their old daily routine can give them sense of security and consistency. Introduce changes gradually. Let your child sleep in an old crib, paint the walls in his/her room the same color like before. Children deal with stressful situations in a lot of different ways and parents should be patient and able to understand their feelings.