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What is a certificate of insurance for moving and why you need it

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Have a certificate of insurance for moving delivered before moving day

Whether you are moving to another state or down the street, your mind will be at ease knowing that your belongings are adequately taken care of. Everyone who has ever moved house knows that there is nothing more gratifying than having your belongings safely delivered to your new place after a tiresome relocation. The same goes for property and building management companies. They also need to make sure that there won’t be any inconveniences due to moving activities, which is why they often request a Certificate of insurance for moving. They just want to make sure that legitimate movers are operating on the premises.

As a matter of fact, COI is often required in apartment complexes in the big cities. With hundreds of moves performed in NYC daily, no wonder why local landlords need this document. So, if you are planning your move from or within the Big Apple, you can count on this additional request from your prospective landlords. Hopefully, our suggestions will shed some light on the procedure and help you complete all the moving paperwork effortlessly and successfully.

How to get a certificate of insurance for moving

There’s no such thing as a move that doesn’t involve potential risks and hence a certain amount of moving stress. It’s no secret that moving is a burdensome event and only a trustworthy NYC moving company by your side can take the stress out of your move.

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Get your moving paperwork in order when moving to a new home

Aside from being fully registered and accredited, all legitimate moving companies are legally obliged to carry a minimum amount of insurance. Other than liability insurance, workers compensation, cargo, and automotive insurance, building managers may require coverage up to a couple of million dollars. Make sure to request it as soon as you contact your movers to schedule the move.

If they fail to hand it over on time, which is at least 24 hours before the move, chances are you won’t have access to the building. This kind of delays and inconveniences can be easily avoided with proper preparation in place. Bear in mind that it may take up to a week for your movers’ insurance company to process a certificate of insurance for moving. Therefore, starting with your preparations early will allow you enough time to get all the paperwork in order and avoid potential setbacks. Have all necessary documents ready on time to get off on the right foot with your landlord and have a trouble-free moving day.

The certificate of insurance for moving should contain specific information that actually matters to your property manager. Not only will it ensure his peace of mind knowing that the movers are properly insured, but also it will state that they are insured for the property in question. The official document should outline the exact address of the apartment as well as the list of specific conditions covered by the insurance and additional insured parties.

How to reduce moving risks

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Get in touch with the top-notch moving professionals

Having heard so many moving-related horror stories, it may occur to you that finding a top-rated moving company can be a real ordeal. And who would blame you given the number of all those unfortunate customers who were scammed by the fraudulent movers?

But, like any other decision, choosing the right local movers NYC requires some careful thought. After all, you are choosing professionals who will handle a lifetime worth of your belongings. So the least you can do is perform a thorough background check on your movers.

Unfortunately, you may face severe consequences if your goods fall into the wrong hands. Incompetent movers who don’t provide appropriate protection may severely damage both your belongings and properties. So, when it comes to moving, never settle for less than you deserve. As everyone’s entitled to a quality moving service, get down to work and find that one company that will be able to meet all your requirements. All residential movers NYC are probably familiar with the local landlords’ needs, so it won’t be a problem for them to provide a certificate of insurance for moving (if they have one).

Any company that doesn’t hold it won’t be able to enter the building requesting it. What’s more, it should be a red flag for you, a clear sign to stay away from uninsured moving companies. Extremely low moving quotes are usually accompanied by an unfortunate combination of bad intentions and poor skills. So, if you are moving for the first time, get as many information as possible by researching moving companies online and reading moving reviews.

What if the property gets damaged

No matter how experienced and careful your movers are, accidents do happen. Be it bad weather conditions, movers’ negligence or just bad luck, damage made to a new property can be remedied with a proper certificate of insurance for moving.

Your movers will take responsibility for any damage to the property on moving day. Either by paying directly or submitting a claim with their insurance. Then both you and your property manager will be at ease knowing that there won’t be additional costs for either of you.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of benefits to dealing with an honest and reliable moving company. Not only will they protect your belongings, but also they will take care of both properties as if they were their own. So, leave the logistics and the execution of the move to the professionals who have a lot of relevant experience. While it can be hard to trust strangers with your precious belongings, it’s a proven way of having a smooth moving experience.