Where to Live in NYC: the Ultimate Guide to the Five Boroughs

Where to Live in NYC: the Ultimate Guide to the Five Boroughs

If you have your heart set on moving to Big Apple, you’ll have many choices so you may be completely clueless about where to live. If you wonder should you move to New York City, we hope this guide will provide valuable info. To help you figure out where to live in NYC, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to five boroughs.


Manhattan truly feels like the heart of the city. This is the epicenter of happenings and it’s where you’ll find many famous NYC things – from Central Park and skyscrapers to Times Square and yellow cabs. Manhattan is geographically a small area but packs a lot, including dozens of dozens of unique neighborhoods. The borough is very densely populated, having the prime location and all the unique, classic, NYC conveniences. If you decide to call this borough your home, you’ll get to choose from so many diverse areas. It’s impossible to mention all of them but let’s mention a couple of noteworthy ones. The Upper East Side is one of the best neighborhoods if you’re moving with a family. It has many private schools and it features some of the most precious New York treasures, such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Guggenheim Museum.

Greenwich Village is nice if you’re looking for that distinct NYC experience. You can enjoy Washington Square Park whenever you want. This is where you’ll find New York University as well. The Upper East Side is another neighborhood with breathtaking views of Central Park and Riverside Park and the most gorgeous real estate. Manhattan is extremely pricey so prepare for hefty prices if you plan on living here. The cost of living is not only high compared to the rest of the country but also compared to the other four NYC boroughs. Depending on the neighborhood, the average 1-bedroom rental is from $2,800 to $7,000. Also, with a higher price tag comes less living space so you’ll have to adjust to that as well. The good news is that if you’re moving, you can find reliable and affordable Manhattan movers for your move.


If Manhattan’s limited space is not something you can adjust to and you’d like more space and a relaxed atmosphere, you may want to consider living in Brooklyn. You’ll still get big-city amenities but you won’t have to deal with that much pace as you would in Manhattan. This borough is connected by the photogenic Brooklyn Bridge and it gives you a more laid-back vibe without lacking culture and entertainment. If you’re an artist or simply looking for an artsy neighborhood, check out Williamsburg in Brooklyn that used to be “the place” for artists and creative people. Now you’ll find that it’s the perfect spot to enjoy some artisanal goods and eats, and have everyday access to the art and music scene.

Park Slope, Brooklyn

For the most beautiful green spaces, check out Prospect Heights and Park Slope, two neighborhoods of Brooklyn that are home to many young families and professionals. The reason why Brooklyn is so popular is that it’s way more affordable than Manhattan and it gives that much-needed breathing space to those who find Manhattan too crowded. That’s not to expect that Brooklyn is exactly affordable but definitely easier to manage than Manhattan, especially if you don’t choose an expensive neighborhood. Relocation is also easier in Brooklyn, especially since you can hire really cheap Brooklyn movers.


The next NYC borough is geographically the largest of all five boroughs. Queens is known for having a relaxed vibe to it, the closest you’ll get if you’re looking for a suburban feel in NYC without compromising on big-city perks. This is where you will potentially own a house instead of renting it and enjoy a lifestyle that seems impossible in a more fast-paced borough like Manhattan. If you decide to move to Queens, you’ll be living in one of the most diverse places in the world.

Astoria, Queens

Due to so much diversity, you’ll get to enjoy some seriously delicious ethnic food and other perks that come with a mix of cultures. Astoria is one of the neighborhoods in Queens that’s popular for its easy access to Midtown and its low rents while Sunnyside may be perfect if you’re looking for more housing options with a dense urban feel and above-average schools. While Queens is not exactly the perfect spot if you’re young, single, and looking for an amazing NYC nightlife, it makes a perfect choice if you want to raise a family and pay reasonable housing prices.

Staten Island

Staten Island feels like a getaway from NYC since water separates it from the other boroughs. Families that prefer having a suburban lifestyle over being in the epicenter of happenings usually choose Staten Island. If you choose to live here, you’ll be able to reach Manhattan via ferry so it’s not the perfect location if your job is in Midtown.

Staten Island Ferry

However, if your job is at a more convenient location, you may truly appreciate living on Staten Island. Great Kills is one of the neighborhoods popular with family-oriented people and St. George does have easy access to the ferry so you may still find it manageable to commute to downtown.


The fifth borough of NYC and the last one we will look briefly into is the Bronx. This is a great area for people that enjoy green spaces as the Bronx is home to the biggest park in the city and has the most public parks compared to the other four boroughs.

The Bronx, NYC

Also, you’ll get to pay much lower rent prices, probably only a half you would pay for a place in Manhattan. When it comes to neighborhoods, you may want to check out an upscale Riverdale and enjoy tree-lined streets and if you’re a student or looking for a school for your child, then Fordham may be more suitable, with Fordham University and quite a reasonable cost of living. Of course, with all the perks of green spaces and lower costs, you must count on some downsides, and in this case, that’s lack of nightlife and poor connection within the borough.

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