What's the easiest way to move antique furniture?

What's the easiest way to move antique furniture?

Antiques Furniture

If you are lucky to have rare pieces of antique furniture, you are probably aware that moving them to a new residence may be very challenging. Being valuable from an artistic, practical, and sentimental standpoint, antique furniture requires a special approach during household relocation. Being such a major investment, it should be handled carefully and transported safely to a new destination.

Moving expensive pieces of furniture on your own can be very risky. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to find specialty movers. They will handle your precious items with the finest professional care. If possible, always go for a professional antique moving company to have peace of mind and avoid the stress that is inevitable when DIY moving antique furniture. However, there are certain steps that you alone can take in order to make sure your relocation goes smoothly. If you were wondering what the easiest way to move antique furniture is, we prepared a few tips to help you.

Tips for moving antique furniture

Find reputable and reliable movers

As it turns out, the most important action you can take is to find experienced professional movers. They will ensure that your valuable and irreplaceable furniture pieces reach their new destination undamaged. Firstly, get in touch with several antique furniture movers to make sure you get various quotes. Let the movers assess your belongings of high sentimental and monetary value and provide an accurate moving estimate. Proceed to discuss the details of the move so that you can decide which offer works best for you and your moving budget. Rather than deciding only based on the price, consider services included and the level of the company’s customer service. You can ask your friends for recommendations and check online NYC moving companies reviews.

Moving Company Reviews
Do a background check on every antique moving company you are interested in

Besides convenience, professionals will also have the skills and tools necessary to carry out the move smoothly. Reputable movers are using quality packing and protective material to keep your furniture safe from moisture, scratches, and dirt.

Prepare your antique furniture for moving

Plan your move thoroughly and don’t leave anything to chance. Even the slightest damage to the antique furniture can diminish its value, so it’s in your best interest to hire trustworthy movers who will make sure your items are delivered intact. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially with high-valued possessions, so take your time and plan well in advance.

Make sure the conditions are suitable

Check if your new place provides a suitable environment for your expensive pieces of furniture. Also, if your antiques need to be stored for some time, make sure you opt for a climate-controlled storage facility. This type of storage units NYC will provide optimum temperature, a constant flow of fresh air, and the security you need for your valued items. Traditional storage does work in some cases, but it’s not your best choice when storing delicate or high-end pieces.

Get insurance for your antiques

Have your antique furniture appraised before the move. This will help you get proper moving insurance coverage. It will also allow you to file a claim in case your furniture gets damaged in transit. Even with the utmost care, there is always a chance for a mishap in traffic. Purchase comprehensive insurance that will cover all valuable pieces of furniture and make sure your antiques are fully insured while in transit.

Communicate with moving professionals

Let your movers inspect each item and help them come up with an efficient plan. Inform them about all loose, hidden parts or delicate areas they need to pay extra attention to. You could use the experience of professionally trained movers to have your precious antiques packed and protected properly. You can hire full-service movers and they will take care of everything, from packing to transportation and unpacking.

Take pictures of your antique items

Have each item photographed from all angles before it’s packed. This kind of evidence may turn out to be useful if you need to make a claim against your NYC relocation company due to the damage made to your priceless antique furniture. Clear pictures are the best proof of your item’s condition.

Don't Forget to Take Pictures of Your Antique Furniture
Taking pictures of you antique furniture is among the most important things to do before movers arrive

Don’t forget to check the dimensions

Make sure your furniture fits into your new place. Get the dimensions of the furniture and the doorways to be positive that the item can go through. Otherwise, it will need to be disassembled and reassembled after the move. Furthermore, an efficient floor plan will help you better organize your new home by placing your antique furniture right where it belongs. If you have a clear vision of where antiques will be placed it will save some time when unpacking.

Empty antiques before movers arrive

Clean and empty your furniture a few days before the move. Ensure your peace of mind by letting professional packers do all the hard work and prepare your valuable furniture for the upcoming move. They will find the safest possible way to dismantle the furniture and secure its detachable parts.

Follow up after the move

Inspect your furniture thoroughly once it reaches the new destination. You want to make sure that all furniture is in the same condition as it was before moving. In case you notice any damage made during the transport discuss it with your local movers NYC and insurance company and find out which steps you should take to get compensation. If everything’s in order and your furniture pieces are delivered safe and sound, place them where they belong.

Have clear access

Clean the pathways and doorways before movers arrive. You want to make sure that there are no obstacles and that there is easy access in and out while offloading antique items. Also, make sure your children and pets are away while you are unloading your furniture. Besides being helpful to the people carrying valuable possessions, it will also help avoid accidents and potential damage.

Cleaning Pathways Before Antique Movers Arrive
Before your movers arrive, remember to clean your pathways

If you would rather let the professional moving company handle your antique furniture, go ahead and contact us. Dumbo Moving and Storage will take care of your precious items safely and conveniently.

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