Ways to burglar-proof your house

Ways to burglar-proof your house

Getting their own home is a life-long dream for the majority of people. There is nothing quite like the security your own home provides you. It is a place where you immediately feel like yourself. And it is just a special feeling when you get inside your first apartment or a house. From that moment on, you wish to protect your precious property any way imaginable. However, not everyone thinks the same. There are always those who are lurking around houses and public buildings, looking for the most convenient moment to do evil. Because of this, it is of utmost importance to burglar-proof your home and provides the highest protection for your house as possible.

Do not underestimate the burglars

A person with binoculars
Burglars will be patiently waiting and observing

It seems that nowadays people do not pay as much attention to their home security as they should. And this is something the crooks know. Those of them at higher ranks know how to recognize a good opportunity for them to carry on with their plan. It could be an unlocked door, open window, etc. The point it, they are patient and they wait. Plot twist, it can happen in any time of a day. So, if you thought that your house the most vulnerable during the night, you’re wrong.

Patience is their trait

As we said, these people will use their chances no matter the time of a day. Of course, they will only act if they estimate that there is no danger of them being caught at the scene of a crime. For that, they need to observe carefully. And they will trust us.

So how to best burglar-proof your house?

We understand your concern now, but you won’t do yourself much of a favor if you indulge yourself to panic. Perhaps the following tips will help you get prepared and make their jobs more difficult and enjoy your home more, especially if you’ve recently moved into your new house.

Secure the doors

burglar-proof your house by securing the doors
Make sure you have your doors secured

In most cases, the burglars will enter your house through the door. So, your front, or backdoors (if you have them) are the first line of defense. And as such, they need to be well-secured and ready to give strong resistance. If they fail, that has just made their jobs so much easier. The moral of the story is to make sure your doors “stand still”. This is why we recommend you to invest in quality door locks which will provide you with the necessary security and help you leave your home with more ease. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose among the locks that there are even those which do not require physical keys anymore to unlock the doors. Rather than that, there are locks which use special mechanisms such as:

  • Finger scan
  • Mobile phone
  • A unique safety combination

One of the benefits of these locks is that you no longer have to worry that you will lose your keys and worry whether someone would find them and use them against you. Also, a very good think about these locks is that they are easy to install. This means, that you don’t need to buy new doors if you are too much tight with the budget.

Have an alarm system installed

Another good way to protect your whole property, especially if it is a big one, is installing an alarm system. Have it placed in some visible spots so that everyone knows that your house is protected by an alarm. This should give a homework to burglars who, in the end, might even give up on trying to rob your home. And while we leave you to think about it, we would also suggest you think well about the choice of a neighborhood in NYC. This little detail can change so many things.

Adjust the alarm system based on your lifestyle

Not every alarm system is the same or does the job equally. But, with so many diverse models to choose from, be sure to choose the one which will fit the needs of your family. For instance, if you travel a lot, then you sure need to have both the alarm system which immediately informs the police about the break-in, as well as the high-quality surveillance system which can actually make good images that will be of a great help to the police to find the crooks easier and faster.

Trim the shrubs in the garden

Those of you who have a garden should consider taking care of it more often and not to leave it unkempt. So, trim the shrubs, mown the lawn, etc. The burglar will know how to use his chance and find a convenient place to hide. Also, it is important that the garden is well-lit. Those more quality outdoor lights have additional features such as motion sensors. With them, not even the most remote corner of the garden won’t stay covered. If you opt for this one, you better see how much you should pay for it, and start planning the budget, since living in NYC can be really pricey. But, trust us, it’s worth every dollar

Secure the windows

Windows are often a target of those who wish to break-in. So another way to ruin their party and burglar-proof your house is to install protective bars or muntin bars as they are also called, on your ground floor windows. But if you worry that they might make your windows look ugly, there some nicely-designed bars that can even contribute to the overall style of the house. Also, you can still grow flowers and put them in window boxes. The point is, these protective window bars offer multiple benefits.

Protective window bars
Decorate window bars with flowers in pots

In order to burglar-proof your home, you will need to invest some money. And this is why it is important to address your budget and see where you are standing at in terms of money you can use for these types of things. However, make sure that you don’t leave your house unprotected and check everything twice before leaving the house. Even if it is only for a short time.

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