Top 7 Best Places to Live in Texas

Top 7 Best Places to Live in Texas

Hello, guys! Who wants to hear about Texas state? In today’s video, we’ll talk about the seven best places to live in Texas. So, if you are interested to find out more about Texas and its best cities or maybe planning a move there, keep watching. We promise it’s gonna be interesting!

Texas is located in the South Central region of the US, with a population of twenty-nine point two million residents. Texas is known as the second largest state after Alaska, second most populated after California, rodeo and cowboys, barbeque, oil, and guns. There are many interesting facts about Texas. We’ll mention a few for you to get an idea of the state’s background story. Besides the USA, five other nations ruled over Texas, including France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederate State of America, and the Republic of Texas, which explains why Texas is a specific state with distinctive cultural features.

Texas Flag

Texas, alongside six other states, has no income tax. Additionally, Texas is larger than any European country, meaning that if Texas were its own country, it would be ranked in the 39th place of largest countries in the entire world. How cool is that? Texas is the most tornado-prone area in the US, with more than one hundred thirty-nine tornadoes every year. But, there is no need to worry as long as you follow safety instructions. If you like Dr. Pepper, you’ll be pleased to know that it was invented in Texas.

Austin, previously named Waterloo, is the capital of Texas, while Houston is the most populated city here and in the entire country. Austin is known for its music, the art scene, and incredible food. Did you know that Austin ranks among the top foodie cities in the US? From breakfast tacos to barbecue and pecan pies – its diverse food choices can be almost overwhelming.

Recently, Texas experienced an economic boom and is one of the fastest-growing states in the US, meaning its a great state to move to for multiple reasons, including affordability, warm weather, both urban and rural living,  a diverse culture, a family-friendly environment, and soon to be centralized transportation. However, it might be tricky for you to choose the right place to live in. That’s why we’re here to help you make the right choice. So, if you want to hear about the seven best places to live in Texas, stay tuned. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos.


Austin is one of the best places to live in in the US and the entire country. Since the 19th century, Austin has been called the City of the Violet Crown because of its beautiful aesthetics, colorful glow, and magnificent sunsets. The original name of Austin was Waterloo. It’s famous for its incredible food scene, very affordable housing, and vibrant culture. If you’re considering moving to Texas, Austin should be on the top of your list. A study conducted in 2021 found that Austin was fourth on the list of most desirable cities for millennials offering the perks of a big city with a small-town aura. Besides cultural events, the music scene, and rising job opportunities, numerous outdoor activities and top-notch educational institutions are available.

Austin, Texas

As for the weather, the winters here are usually mild and sunny, while the autumns are moderate, and the best parts of the year are springs and summers. So, Austin is an excellent option for all age groups, individuals, entrepreneurs, and families.

Corpus Christi

With a population of three hundred twenty-five thousand seven hundred eighty, Corpus Christi is the eighth-most populated city in Texas. Corpus Christi is known for very high wind speeds, mild winters, sailing, windsurfing, breathtaking beaches, and affordability. Additionally, its the home of the official Aquarium of Texas. Corpus Christi has a booming economy, affordable housing options and the general living cost, and a mild and humid climate. The most livable neighborhood in Corpus Christi is Mustang-Padre Island, a very popular spot for tourists and represents a quiet place. If you enjoy a more quiet atmosphere and being close to the water, look no more.

Corpus Christi

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Killen is a Central Texas town with a population of one hundred forty-five thousand six hundred eighty-six residents. Recently, Killen was ranked fifth on the list of best places to live in Texas published by the U.S. News. Killeen has an employment rate of only four percent, and the median monthly rent goes for eight hundred eighty-eight dollars. Killeen has strong military connections, numerous outdoor and recreational activities, a family-friendly environment, a median age of 31, museums, restaurants, and parks.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and smaller city and want to avoid overcrowded places, Killeen might be the right choice.

San Antonio

San Antonio is located seventy-five miles from Austin and has a population of one million five hundred eight thousand residents, making it one of the biggest cities in the country. The housing market here is very affordable. However, if you want to buy a home, do it quickly, as the housing market has been on a slow incline for the last couple of years. We recommend considering areas like Stone Oak, Downtown San Antonio, Helotes, Boerne, and Boerne. Additionally, utility and transportation are also relatively cheap, and jobs are easy to find.

San Antonio Texas

The quality of life here is excellent, and sports lovers, families, and nature lovers say that San Antonio is a very relaxing city. San Antonio is a great choice if you want to enjoy living in a bigger city with a small city atmosphere.


Dallas is a very popular and growing city. It’s known for various cultural activities like opera, musicals, symphony concerts, and ballet. Also, it’s known to have one of the biggest airports in the country, meaning that flights are affordable when compared to other, smaller cities in the state. Dallas has a central location in Texas. That’s why the flights to other cities are usually quick, making it easy and affordable to go for a mini-vacation for the weekend.

Moving from NYC to Dallas, Texas

Dallas has a population of one million three hundred thirty-one thousand residents. It’s the third-largest city in Texas and the ninth-largest city in the country. Dallas is a very appealing city for young professionals who want to start their careers. It offers a quiet life and access to a big city; no wonder you can find different age groups here, including retirees, young individuals, and families. We recommend moving to neighborhoods like Lake Highlands, Uptown, Preston Hollow, and M Streets.


Houston is the largest city in Texas, with a population of two million three hundred ten thousand residents. It is the home of NASA’s Johnson Space Centre and has various industries. Moving to Houston might be a good idea because of its booming economy, low cost of living, and sunny weather (all year round). Furthermore, Houston is a great place for raising a family and building a life. It’s one of the best places to live in Texas, offering residents an urban feel, a bunch of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.

Moving from NYC to Houston, Texas

Most people here rent their homes and tend to lean liberal. Houston is a very diverse city with more than one hundred forty-five languages spoken here. It’s a great relocation option for everybody, including families, young professionals, and retirees.

Forth Worth

Forth Worth is known for its hospitality and a couple of very fun districts. It has a population of eight hundred seventy-four thousand four hundred residents and is the thirteenth largest city in the US. Forth Worth is the home to the oldest rodeo and stock show in the country. The historic Stockyards Hotel in Forth Worth was one of Bonnie and Clyde’s hideouts from the law. Forth Worth offers a big city experience while being highly affordable. Also, you’ll be able to participate in a diverse and vibrant community with loads of cultural and social opportunities. The best neighborhoods in Forth Worth include Westcliff, Fairmont, Westover Hills, Rivercrest, and Arlington Heights.

It’s safer than ninety-three percent of cities in Texas. It’s cheaper to live in Forth Worth than Dallas, so if you are looking for the most affordable city, Forth Worth should be your top choice.

Are there any other places in Texas you would recommend? We would love to hear your suggestions, so make sure you leave a comment below! All right, so that’s the top seven places to live in Texas, and I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for watching!

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