Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Canada

Top 10 Reasons Not to Move to Canada

The Great White North gives you plenty of things to love…but put your bear spray away, at least until you’re sure you can handle top 10 reasons not to move to Canada.


1. The weather

The first reason why you shouldn’t move to Canada is probably the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about this state – the weather. Now depending on where you’re moving from, you may be more or less used to cold climate and distinct seasons. Perhaps you enjoy the snow and look forward to winter sports, or maybe you just find cold weather more beneficial to your health, but even if that’s the case and you don’t mind low temperatures, you may still find Canada to be just too much. It’s nothing unusual to get to minus 40 degrees in cities like Vancouver and Winnipeg during the winter months, but it may come as a bigger surprise that it can also get incredibly hot during the summer months.

The Snow in Toronto Canada

The good news is that most areas are prepared and well equipped for extreme cold but it’s still something you should consider before moving here.

2. Credit history

The second reason why you shouldn’t move to Canada is that you won’t be able to carry your credit history with you. No matter how hard you were working and how responsible you were when it comes to paying your bills on time, you will have to say goodbye to your credit history and build a new one in Canada. This makes things really difficult if you were planning on buying a house, leasing a car, or getting a credit card, as it will take time to build your credit history with a strong credit score in Canada. This doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it’s just something to keep in mind when you’re planning your move.

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By the way, regardless of which state you decide to call new home, remember you’ll need a trustworthy mover. Moving to another state is a pretty complex job so you’ll definitely benefit from getting professionals to help you. If you’re curious about how much it costs to move to Canada, go ahead and request a free moving quote from a Brooklyn-based Dumbo Moving company. We’ll leave details in the description box below so you can reach out by phone or email.

3. The job market

Ok now let’s move on to reason number three that will make you have second thoughts about moving to Canada, and that’s the job market. That’s not to say that you can’t find a job in Canada, because you can, what we think by this is actually the ability to get a well-paid job and the same position you had in your country. While there’s a chance of you working in the same industry, you’ll probably have to be pretty patient until you climb the ladder and get to your previous position again. If you go for a job interview, you’ll notice that competition is fierce and you’ll find many overqualified people waiting to find a well-paid job. Basically, your credentials qualify you to move to Canada, but they don’t necessarily qualify you for your job profession in this state.

4. Canadian credentials

And speaking of that, here’s another reason not to move to Canada − you need Canadian credentials. What does that mean exactly? Well, here’s the thing – The Great White North doesn’t seem to care much that you’re qualified, so you will have to acquire experience and adapt to the Canadian job market. You may also need to re-validate your credentials or go through another process like going back to school to upgrade your qualifications according to Canadian standards. This depends on the area you move to, as well as your education and experience, but in general, the job market in Canada is anything but fun.

5. Poor transportation

The reason number five not to move to Canada is poor transportation. You’ll probably have to get a car because public transport is not only bad but it also won’t necessarily go everywhere. As a result, most Canadians drive so you’ll have to get used to it, especially if you plan to move to areas like Greater Toronto or Greater Vancouver. This can come as quite a surprise if you’re moving from New York City or another part of the States where most people rely on public transport. Plus, the cost of car insurance is not exactly cheap so be prepared for a hefty price too.

Transportation in Canada

6. Cell phone bills

Speaking of hefty price tags, here’s something you probably didn’t think about as relevant, at least not when deciding if you want to move to a certain country – your cellphone bill. The sixth reason not to move to Canada is that you’ll pay some of the highest wireless prices in the world. Canadians pay about 20% more than their neighbors in America on cellphone plans. You may think the internet is super-fast at least, given the incredibly high data cost, but you’d be wrong because Canada also has some serious issues with the quality of their Wi-Fi.

7. Missing your family

Coming in at number seven on our list of reasons not to move to Canada is that you’ll miss your family and friends. You just can’t argue with this one – regardless of why you decide to move, you’ll have to deal with being a long way away from most places. Unless, of course, you’re moving from Seattle or Detroit, in which case you’ll be able to visit more often. In all other cases, you’ll have to work pretty hard on your schedule in order to fly out and see your family.

8. Distance between cities

Speaking of distance, here’s another reason why you may reconsider moving to Canada − the large distance between cities. This is something even Canadians often complain about, but let’s put things into perspective – for example, the largest city close to Vancouver is Calgary, and it’s 660 miles away, meaning you’ll drive about 12 hours to get from one city to another. So the next time you want to see your friend who lives in the closest city, you may want to book your flight ticket way in advance.

9. High housing costs

The next thing you should consider when moving to Canada is that housing costs are high. Not only compared to the rest of the world but also compared to the US. Now there’s been an increase in prices everywhere, but if you compare the average housing cost in the US in 2021 which is around $408k to an average price of a home in Canada in 2021 that has risen to nearly $750k, you’ll see just how ridiculously high prices are.

Calculating Costs before Moving to Canada

10. Healthcare

The last reason why you may not want to move to Canada is healthcare. Now you may be surprised that this is on our list since healthcare is free, but it’s actually paid for through different taxes and many things are not exactly free, such as prescription drugs, prescription glasses, dental care, or home care. It also varies per province, since each province manages health care differently. This especially comes as a disadvantage if you move to a more rural area as some rural provinces struggle to provide enough caregivers since only a limited amount of money goes into it. Then, the public healthcare system means that everyone must wait in line, which can find you on a two-year waiting list to have surgery done.

There’s also an option of extended coverage, but most people can only afford this through their employer. It’s worth mentioning that how you look at these things depends on your perspective, as the US healthcare system is not exactly known to be super-fast or affordable.

Those are the top 10 reasons why living in Canada might not be the right choice for you. Still, there’s a lot to appreciate about becoming Canadian. Did somebody say maple syrup? Jokes aside, this state has its nice sides as well, so weigh all pros and cons before you make a decision. Thanks for watching this video, don’t forget to give it a like if you enjoyed and subscribe to our channel for more moving topics.

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