To tip or not to tip movers in NYC?

To tip or not to tip movers in NYC?

How much to tip movers may be one of the stress-inducing decisions
Whether to tip or not to tip movers is a touchy matter that depends on several factors

The inevitable question will arise immediately after the moving is done: How much should I tip movers?

Unpacking and moving your lifetime belongings can be a very strenuous and back-breaking task, therefore picking a reliable moving company that will do the job diligently and spear you the additional stress seems to be the right decision to make.

Having already chosen to use the services of a professional moving company that will help you with the relocating process, it is time for you to consider tipping your NYC movers. Have in mind that they are part of the service providing industry, so it’s only appropriate to reward your movers by tipping them accordingly.

Like in any other field of work, it is not mandatory to tip movers, especially if you are not satisfied with their work. However, tipping them and offering perhaps a refreshment or snacks would be a nice way of showing your appreciation.

If you find yourself facing this kind of a dilemma, here bellow you will find some general guidelines on how to properly tip your movers.

Guidelines to the movers tipping philosophy in NYC

The amount of your tip usually depends on the final cost of the move, movers' performance
Distribute the same amount of cash to each mover when the move is over

It’s no secret that a household move poses a great deal of difficulties and challenges. After reaching out to the reputable moving company, you’re not too worried about how the entire relocation will turn out. Professional and competent movers will make sure everything goes according to plan.

They are able to turn a notoriously stressful event into a bearable experience by engaging their unique skillful approach. As it turns out, it is customary to reach for your wallet in order to reward service providers in any industry. While movers in NYC don’t require tipping, they really appreciate it.

Regardless of how much you are paying for the relocation services, your movers usually receive a small part of that amount.
Although your movers receive a monthly salary or an hourly wage, it’s always a good idea to show your gratitude for an outstanding service. Whether to tip or not to tip movers is a matter of personal preference. But, let’s be honest, they are doing a strenuous job you are trying to avoid by all means.

Hauling heavy and cumbersome household appliances, securing delicate items and valuables, dealing with your appliances in extreme heat or cold is only one small part of the activities they need to accomplish on moving day. And, guess what? It’s your movers who have the right approach and resources to overcome moving day challenges and potential obstacles.

Ultimate guide on how and when to tip movers

Having accomplished the moving task your movers are ready to leave. Now you may be wondering how much you are supposed to tip movers. After you have assessed the entire property and established that your movers have done an amazing job you’ll come to realize that they deserve a fair tip. How much to tip movers and how to distribute your reward is one of the most delicate moving day concerns.

Chances are that you don’t know the tipping policy for sure, so the best would be to have the right amount of cash on hand to tip each moving company representative.
The amount of your tip usually depends on the final cost of the move, movers’ performance, the time required to complete the job, and the number of participants.

While other services have an already set percentage, the average tip for local moves varies from $10 to $40 per person, depending on the complexity of the move itself. On the other hand, tips for long-distance moves may go up to $200, depending on the number of days your movers have spent on the road and the outcome of the move. So, the general rule of thumb would be to adjust your tip according to the level of service you received. Should you decide that your movers deserve an extra recognition, make sure to distribute your tips equally to each participant. Alternatively, you can hand the cash to the foreman in front of the other movers stating that it should be split equally.

When not to tip movers?

There are some situations that can make you think twice before reaching to your wallet
Should you receive a terrible moving service, think twice whether to tip your movers

There are certain aspects that can affect your tip. If your movers have done several remarkably complicated tasks like moving large piano up and down several flights of stairs, or if they have finished the job sooner than expected, safely delivered your belongings in spite of the terrible weather conditions or kindly removed the waste after unpacking, do not hesitate to provide an abundant tip.

On the other hand, unprofessional and careless approach may be a valid reason for you to lower the amount or not to tip at all. There are some situations that can make you think twice before reaching to your wallet.

You are not obliged to tip movers if they are:

  • not on time
  • mistreating your household belongings
  • showing no respect for your property
  • rude and unprofessional
  • procrastinating

In case you’ve had an unpleasant experience with your movers you can either discuss this matter with the foreman or contact the moving company directly. Hopefully you will be able to reach an agreement with the moving company in case of any damage to your goods. Alternatively, you can escalate the issue further by filing a complaint with the American Moving and Storage association or U. S. Department of Transportation.

After you completely settle into your new home, take your time to assess your moving experience, examine your movers’ performance and share your thoughts in writing. People who are planning to move house may find your feedback very valuable. Everyone who has moved at least once knows how difficult finding affordable yet reputable movers can be. When writing a moving review make sure to rate your moving company objectively and provide useful information.

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