Tips for moving your pet terrarium

Tips for moving your pet terrarium

So, you are one of those people… Okay, suit yourself, we are not the ones to judge. Having a pet snake, tarantula and everything in between that falls under the category of creepy crawlers can have a certain charm to it. It will certainly be appealing to some, but will inevitably shorten the list of people who will feel comfortable in your home. And speaking of home, when it comes to relocation, the question of moving your pet terrarium has certainly crossed your mind. While finding a Brooklyn moving quote that will suit your budget is usually just a click and a phone call away, this process will take a bit more time and effort. Let’s see what you ought to do.

Unlike a fish tank that ought to be broken down into its components, when moving your pet terrarium, you would keep it as it is. This self-contained garden is best moved intact, as the atmosphere that it keeps is essential. We know this sounds great at first, and a bit concerning at the second glance. However, choosing a pet as you did comes with all sorts of unconventional pet owner chores, so we believe this ought not to surprise you that much.

A coloful snake
Moving your pet terrarium will be as unique as your pet.

Moving your pet terrarium with regards to the safety of the animal

What we said earlier changes ever so slightly if you have an animal inside your terrarium. Namely, you will have to change the insides of this glass home. You will first transfer the animal into a separate container for the move (more on this a bit later). You would then proceed to remove food and water dishes, heat rocks, as well as any lights.

Everything that you removed should be cleaned with great care and attentiveness. For protection during transport, wrap them in packing materials such as packing paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper. Anything that will serve as a barrier and a cushioning material. Pack them in a separate box for the move, and make sure to clearly label it. Setting up your pet terrarium right after the move is rather important for the health and safety of the animal. So, easy-access is paramount. Make sure that the habitat resembles the previous one as much as possible.

Known parallels

A frog inside a terrarium
Since your terrarium can be regarded as a garden, moving it can be viewed as moving plants.

Some of you, if not the majority, are familiar with moving indoor plants. You need to keep them in the climate-controlled environment of your car during the road. The same goes when moving your pet terrarium. Now, it is important to distinguish certain traits, and note that terrariums without the animals inside tend to be heartier than other houseplants. We suggest that you wrap the terrarium in padding. Use bubble wrap, moving blankets or towels, in order to keep this structure from breaking.

If you plan on having a long-distance move, it would be best that you unwrap the terrarium from its padding every now and then. This is done in order to give the plants sunlight. If you intend on spending the night in a hotel room, make sure to bring the terrarium with you for every overnight stop.

Moving your pet terrarium with the help of a moving company

If you plan on hiring a moving company to help you with the move, it is rather important that you choose the one that has had experience in the matter. Moving a pet terrarium requires knowledge and patience. The best way to find a company that is abundant with both is by going through NYC moving companies reviews. Take your time to scroll through other people’s experience, and draw a conclusion. If you feel puzzled, you can leave a comment yourself, asking what is on your mind, or, better yet, call the moving company. Asking direct questions that regard the safety of the terrarium and the way they maintain the life inside of it will tell you all you need to know. If the answers you receive are to your liking, feel free to schedule the move right away.

Moving the animal

A tarantula
However cute it may look to you, some people do not like to drive with a tarantula caressing their shoulder.

Chances are you want to keep your pet snake or tarantula in their best health during this ordeal. This is why you want to put it in a separate container for the time of the move. Choose a cage that will ensure your pet does not find a crack or a hole to escape through. Apart from keeping your animal safe, you are making sure that the driver of the moving van is spared the heart attack.

Like many other animals, your crawler needs some time to get used to the environment. For this reason, it would be best that you cover the container with a piece of cloth. This will keep the snake in the dark, both figuratively and literally, further allowing it to stay calm during the road.

In addition, you need to make sure that your pet has enough air inside its container. More often than not, people choose to poke holes and provide additional airflow. If you choose this method, make sure that the holes are not too big. No need to cause a car crash.

The new home

As soon as you are done with moving your pet terrarium, make sure to find a good place for it in your new home. Put all the items in it, and try to establish the same habitat it was prior to the move. Once it’s ready, put your pet inside. Keep in mind that animals need ample time to adjust to the new environment. Apart from providing your pet with good temperature, enough light, water and good, remember to be patient and loving. Enjoy your new home!

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