Tips for handling food on moving day

Tips for handling food on moving day

Making a proper moving day food plan is probably the last thing that will cross your mind while preparing for a big day. With moving day just around the corner, chances are that packing up the contents of your pantry and fridge will be the last task on your moving checklist. If you haven’t created a plan for handling food on moving day, we suggest you stick to our guidelines and come up with an efficient strategy as soon as you decide to move locally in NYC.

Before you decide to give away or toss everything, you may want to consider other more constructive options. While it could be difficult to decide what to do with full kitchen cupboards, pantry, and fridge, starting ahead would be the most logical step. Here are some of the most efficient ideas on how to reduce food waste when facing an imminent move.

brown wooden kitchen cupboard is a starting point when handling food on moving day
Reduce waste by handling food on moving day properly

Sort through your pantry and kitchen cabinets

Start by inventorying all the food supplies in your kitchen. Although throwing away even perfectly good food would be the easiest thing to do, you should know that there are other viable options too. Once you take inventory of your food items, you’ll be able to figure out what to do with them.

Group your items into several different categories so that you can easily identify: frozen food, refrigerated perishables, canned food supplies, boxed items. Approach this task always keeping in mind that easily replaceable items are not worth moving. Needless to say, transporting food supplies in delicate packaging can contaminate other moving boxes, which is why most movers usually refuse to transport perishables. As it turns out, even the most comprehensive packing services NYC come with certain limitations all customers should comply with.

Start cooking

eggs and vegetables
Use up all your remaining food prior to moving day

Once you target your favorite food and items that are about to expire, make sure to use them up before moving out. Instead of eating out or purchasing additional food supplies, get creative with what you already have. Not only will you save money by using the leftover food supplies, but also you will have some quality family time in spite of the chaotic pre-move ambiance. It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t have much time for preparing full-course meals. Luckily, there are some simple alternatives that may keep the entire family’s spirits high.

Pack up the food you plan to move

Depending on the moving distance, you may want to take certain food products with you. When moving locally you will be able to transport them in your own car without involving Park Slope movers or any other moving professionals. It’s only normal that you want to bring your favorite local food with you. Just make sure to use appropriate packing supplies to ensure a safe and tidy trip to your new home. Avoid leaks and spills by wrapping each item in appropriate protective materials. If your movers or friends are helping you out, give them specific guidelines for handling food on moving day. Label each moving box according to its content so as to ensure a smooth maneuver.

Give away and donate

Locate the local food bank to minimize the amount of wasted food. While throwing away unnecessary food items would be the easiest thing to do, think about those little deeds of kindness you can do to make someone happy. The same goes for any other household item – rather than throwing them away, you can consider a more environmentally-friendly moving approach such as recycling. Unfortunately, moving house can be hard on the planet and add a lot of waste to the environment.

Contact the nearest recycling center to get more information about the pick-up/drop-off policy. If you are downsizing to a place with a limited storage area, then get ready for some serious pre-move decluttering. Handling food on moving day may be a daunting task, so make sure to make some timely arrangements.

Moving day food plan

A simple and healthy breakfast will keep you going as moving day unfolds

A household move is a hectic event, no wonder so many people forget their meals. All that packing, heavy lifting, and hauling is back-breaking and energy-consuming, so running out of steam on moving day could create major havoc.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many people, make sure to start off on the right foot. Take your time to plan out your eating schedule on the big day. No matter how busy, you will still get hungry on moving day. However, fast food restaurants should be your last resort. Start your busy moving day with a healthy meal that will keep you fresh and energized. Healthy and balanced meals that happen to be easy to prepare are your best bet on moving day. Bear in mind that your helpers may have specific dietary needs and preferences, so add this task to your moving checklist.

Ideas for handling food on moving day and preparing healthy meals

bottled water
Stay fresh and hydrated on moving day

With all the moving chaos going on, the truth is that you won’t have much time to cook. Planning out each meal can be truly daunting, but skipping them is totally out of question. Relocating is overwhelming enough without trying to figure out what and when to eat. Here are a couple of simple moving day dietary ideas you could implement without too much hassle.

  • Start your long trip to your new home with some healthy wraps.
  • Oatmeal with berries is a great source of important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Pack each family member’s meal in separate containers that could be reached easily.
  • As you go throughout the moving day, you will need some snacks to boost your energy. Have fruit and nuts on-hand anytime you need a healthy break.
  • Have hard-boiled eggs, salad or sandwich for your mid-day meal. With the right mindset, handling food on moving day could be a straight-forward process.
  • Keep your helpers hydrated all along. Have plenty of bottled water, coffee, tea and other refreshments for your helpers and movers.

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