Things You Should Photograph When Moving

Things You Should Photograph When Moving

Have you finally found a new place to live, a new hope, and are you happily and energetically organizing the move? Or, have you signed a contract with a professional moving company? Have you started packing? You started packing things, you bought, rented plastic boxes for packing all shapes and sizes? Do you use bubble wrap as well as soft things (old towels, blankets, bedding) to protect fragile items during transport? Are you absolutely certain that you have taken into account everything that can happen when moving out, transporting, and moving into a new home? Please, if you have a digital camera that takes high-resolution photos, don’t pack it first. Leave it for the end and here’s why.

Things You Should Photograph When Moving

In truth, taking photos of your belongings, everything you own, as well as the apartment you are leaving and the apartment you are moving into can be very useful, protect your rights and interests, save you time and money, and of course save your many lost nerves and maybe nervous breakdown.

1.Take photos of your valuables

Accidents while transporting things happen, and it’s no secret. And if you have chosen the best company, and perfectly packed all your items, secured them in all possible ways, many things can happen when carrying and driving. Especially when it comes to moving valuables. So, no matter how skilled and experienced your hired workers are, it’s best that you are prepared in case any of your valuable items get damaged while being moved.

Our advice is to take photos of your furniture, especially if you own expensive, stylish furniture. Take photos of your chairs, tables, club tables, armchairs, and sofas from multiple angles. Use close angles and high resolution, so that each line is clearly visible in the image. Also, be sure to take photos of electrical appliances, electronic devices, and other household items that would cost too much to be replaced or repaired.

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To clarify why are you doing this?

If you find that any of your valuables were damaged during transport, that is, while they were in the possession of your mover, you will certainly be able to prove it with your photos. And once you can prove that, then you’ll be eligible for proper reimbursement by the moving company.

2. Take photos of the apartment you are leaving

If you are leaving a rented apartment now, this is a very good idea. Wondering why? The landlord probably asked you for a deposit when you moved in, in case of any damage, accident, as insurance.

Be sure you’re not going to get your money back if there is any damage to the apartment. Therefore, we advise you to paint the walls, repair the edges and damage to the floor, as well as all electrical installations (plugs, switches). If you can, fix everything you can by yourself, and then take photos.

That’s why you want to have those photos as proof that you did your part of the bargain and that your landlord should give you back your deposit money.

3. Take photos of the apartment you are moving in

Just as it is important to take photos of the condition of the old apartment, it may be even more important to take a photo of the apartment you are moving into before moving in. This can help you avoid potential problems and misunderstandings later with the new landlord.

Before moving into a new apartment, take a lot of photos of the entire apartment (condition of windows, doors, walls, electrical installations, toilets, floors, fences, stairs, as well as each piece of furniture if any of them are already in the apartment).

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Take detailed photos of each type of damage you find in the apartment as proof that it was not your fault, and that it was already there before you moved in.

We advise this as a preventive measure so that there is no misunderstanding with the landlord. Again, you do not want to lose your deposit for damages that were not caused by your fault. You definitely want to avoid any accusations if you move again.

4. Take photos of the way your electrical appliances/devices are connected

Here is one extremely practical tip for all those who need help installing and connecting their electrical devices. We live in the age of modern technology and cables are an indispensable part of every household. We can’t all know everything about everything, so we assume that there are many people who simply have trouble when it comes to this topic.

Take photos of how all the cables are plugged into your laptop, desktop computer, TV, game consoles, stereo Blu-Ray player, satellite receiver, and any other electronic device that has a lot of cables and wires in and out of it.

When you have a picture in front of you if a visual reference, it will be much easier and more convenient for you to connect all your electrical/electronic devices after moving without anyone’s help. This advice can save you a lot of effort and nervousness. Believe us, been there, done that.

5. Take photos of your utility meters

What important things to photograph before moving from the old to the new apartment? Utility meters – electricity, gas, and water meters before you leave the old apartment and immediately upon arrival at the new home.

It’s very simple: just take photos of the readings of each utility meter to avoid being unfairly charged later. This happens very often.

Why is this so important? Utilities typically charge their customers for usage estimates, which means that if their baseline reading is incorrect, your estimated utility usage will also be excluded. What’s more, it’s not uncommon for backlogs or overlaps between accounts. Again, avoid any possible problems that can cost you a lot and take the photos. It is much easier.

6. In the end… Have some fun!

Moving is not an easy thing. They say “He who moves, does not rejoice.” Some are looking forward to a new home, some are grieving for the old apartment because they have many happy moments for the same relationship. Take the camera and take photos of everything you like. Who knows, maybe in the future you will laugh at all that, and that move will remain in a wonderful memory.

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