Suburban home vs. downtown apartment - which wins in NYC?

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment - which wins in NYC?

So, you are thinking to move, but you are still not sure which type of house would be more suitable. You are struggling between suburban home vs. downtown apartment.  And yes, it seems that this has been an ongoing battle since forever. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. And which one will eventually come out as a winner will depend solely on your preferences and what you’re looking for. But that’s where we step in. We’ve decided to compile a list of the biggest differences between these two types of houses hoping to help you decide on a neighborhood you’ll call home.

Setting criteria for the battle of suburban home vs. downtown apartment

It’s time to choose between a suburban home vs. downtown apartment

If you would ask this question to five different people, we are quite sure that you would get five different explanations about which of these two kinds of properties suits that person more. And it’s true. If you happen to be moving from Long Island to any other part of New York before you give a call to some of the moving companies Long Island to provide you with a hand with packing and moving your stuff, you will first need to figure out what exactly you want. In other words, set your criteria. This will help you immensely to rule in favor of either of these two options.

This implies that you will need to set a budget limit. Then you will need to think about what kind of lifestyle you want to pursuit. Take into consideration your daily habit, the current style of living. More importantly, think about whether you are craving for some drastic changes.

Center of attention vs. behind the scene

Life in New York can be pretty exciting. There are so many cool ways to spend time in the City that you would need weeks to try them all. And if being in the center of attention is your thing, then the first round of suburban home vs. downtown apartment goes to the latter. If busy Manhattan or Brooklyn streets tick the box on your criteria list, then you should start looking for an apartment to move to. You must know that the competition in the City is fierce. So, you might want to look for professional help in order to narrow down the offer. That way you’ll locate a suitable apartment in a lot less time.

Being comfortable in the suburb has its charms

On the other hand, if being surrounded by millions of people every day is not your thing, then it is clear that life in some suburban areas will fit you better. The good news is that there are so many nice neighborhoods in New York you can choose from. All you need is to figure which part of the city suits you the most. After that, you can start looking for neighborhoods that fit your lifestyle and that answer most of, if not all of your requests. To do that, you will need to research a bit. But if you do it right, then the time you have invested in the search has paid off. Let your intuition guide you. It should tell you which neighborhood will make you feel completely comfortable.

Figuring the price issue

spilled coins
You are expected to spend more for a downtown apartment

Probably one of the top concerns of everyone who’s looking for a new home to move to. Statistically speaking, downtown apartments cost a lot more than a two-bedroom home in a suburb. The budget will most likely play a big role in deciding who comes as a winner in a suburban home vs. downtown apartment battle. For that to determine you will need to know the size of both kinds of properties, and what is the amount of interest rates.

Moreover, the price will also be influenced if the property comes with features such as a laundry room, balcony or big outdoor space. The more there is, the bigger the price. But don’t worry, if your budget is tight, there are ways to save money when relocating.

More space for less money

If you are moving with the family, we are sure that you would appreciate more space in the house. We already mentioned the problem with the budget. It is not impossible to locate a downtown apartment which offers a little bit more space at a reasonable price. However, it more likely that you will get all the space you and your family need if you move a little bit further from downtown. People moving to New York from other states often neglect the fact that NYC is among the most expensive cities in the world. That is why it is always recommendable to come prepared before cross country movers NYC transport your stuff.

a living room
You’ll get more space if you opt for a suburban house

Remember the priorities and make a list that will include some of the questions such as:

  • How big space is needed for you and the family?
  • Does it really need to be close to or in downtown?
  • How much are you willing to pay for the house?
  • Is it important to be close to the town’s attractions?

Which one feels more like home to you?

In order to make an easier decision, you will need to look into your own feelings. After all, you have examples from your own life to make a comparison. If you’re currently living in a house, ask yourself would you prefer to stay that way? Or, are you looking for a change? If you feel like making a radical change, then that’s a path to take.

So, you see some of these questions will bring you closer to the final decision. It all comes down to being honest with yourself. Overrunning your budget will only jeopardize the whole thing. The battle between suburban home vs. downtown apartment ends the moment you give the necessary answers.

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