Starting a moving business in New York

Starting a moving business in New York

starting a moving business in NYC

Starting a new business is a risky undertaking given the state of the economy. According to many people, taking that risk is worthwhile and profitable at some point. Since moving industry is very developed in NYC, people usually decide to start a moving business in order to meet local demand.

When thinking about a new business strategy everyone has in mind huge moving vehicles and big storage area. However, business success is a gradual process and it is totally all right to begin with a small business and then develop your idea. You can either make some extra income or even have a full time salary depending on your possibilities and general circumstances.

Here are some important guidelines for those trying to start a moving business. There is a lot to learn about when considering such an important step. Very first thing to think about when starting a moving business is the initial investment and proper equipment. In this particular case you don’t have to invest enormous amount of money. Instead, you can introduce your company as a small one. Luckily, many people seem to prefer to hire smaller moving companies (and get high quality service) in order to cut moving costs. Regardless of the size and type of the NYC moving company, a business plan is absolutely required. Due to the competitive nature of moving business, you have to find a way to prove yourself and stand out by offering various high quality services, or some special and new ones.

Starting a moving company step by step

– Get a business permit. The regulations and paperwork procedures may vary depending on the state.

– Get moving equipment. Purchase or rent a moving vehicle – a van or a truck. You will also need moving boxes and containers, packing and wrapping material, dollies, belts, padding, ropes. It’s important to look like and act like professional, so get all necessary equipment if your goal is to provide an exceptional service.

– Bare in mind that serious moving company should be licensed and insured. Make sure your moving truck is registered with USDOT, so you can operate legally.

– Get an insurance. Protect yourself in case of any possible losses and get liability and cargo insurance.

– If you are offering storage service, provide for a warehouse area. You will probably have to rent that space, which will cost you more, but you will also charge more for the storage services.

– Hire your personnel. One man cannot run a company and be an employee at the same time, so make sure to find sufficient labor. Also, arrange for professionals who will be taking care of the accounting. Skilled bookkeepers may help your business grow.

– Advertise your business. Promote your moving company by distributing business cards, flyers and other promotional material. Another way to make yourself visible is via website or social networks. Describe all services you are offering, point out whether you are doing both local and long-distance moves and household and business moves, provide contact information and possibility for the customers to get an online quote. People seem to prefer online approach to the old-fashioned method, so most of them are likely to consult internet in case they need some kind of services. People will get to know you and your business through your website, so make sure it is done professionally by experts. Let others know about your business by putting the logo on the moving truck, so that everyone can see your brand while you are working. Also, join popular moving associations and include your number in local business directories.

– Prioritize your customers’ satisfaction. Be ready to answer all their questions and clarify their doubts. The pricing should be transparent, without any hidden costs. Being satisfied with your assistance, your customers will recommend you and share their positive experience with other people.

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