Simple storage security ideas to implement

Simple storage security ideas to implement

Aside from booking a conveniently located and affordable facility, you should count in the essential security factor when shopping around for storage in NYC. Since a clean and theft-proof place is your ultimate goal, here are a couple of simple storage security ideas to keep in mind when on the lookout for reliable storage.

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Get various storage security ideas that may help you protect your belongings

Whether you are decluttering for home staging, moving cross-country or in need of temporary storage between two moves, a safe place will give you the much-needed peace of mind in the middle of a chaotic period.

When storing your items away from home, it’s only normal to expect they will be safe from theft, elements or other hiccups. While looking for a valuable additional space for your items, make sure to evaluate the most important security features any self-storage unit should be equipped with. Both temporary and long-term storage units should comply with some of the essential safety requirements. Although renting one comes with a lot of advantages, it can also prove to be a bad investment if some basic safety measures are overlooked.

How to tell if a storage unit is a safe place for your items?

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Your goods will be safe in a properly equipped facility

When researching the best moving and storage companies NYC you are likely to come across different types of service providers. Unless you have some previous moving knowledge or an experienced friend advising you, chances are you may end up being pretty much confused. What qualities to look for in a storage unit is a major concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

First and foremost, when storing valuable and delicate items, you want to make sure they will be safe from burglary and natural disasters. Since the facility is not under your watchful eye all the time, it’s in your best interest to pick a properly secured place that has some simple storage security ideas and measures in place.

Needless to say, the chosen storage service provider should be able to meet basic security requirements such as proper lighting, regulated access, and on-site management. Well-lit outdoor and indoor areas will probably discourage trespassers. With the passcode access system, you can be sure that you are the only person who can reach your stored belongings. Knowing that only the employees have access to the facility with passcode protection is certainly comforting. Additional locking mechanisms may enhance the security level of the storage property.

Properly equipped storage facilities may prove to be your best bet when looking for a secure place for your treasured belongings away from home. Here you can find some of the most desirable features.

Advanced storage security ideas and solutions

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Research reputable storage companies before committing to one

Renting a reliable short-term storage unit can be a rather expensive endeavor and you may be wondering if the benefits are worth the added cost. While a clean, dry and secure place is your ultimate goal, keep in mind the following features to make a well-informed decision. Your peace of mind comes at a price, but the investment is well worth it. Take the following aspects into account when weighing your options.

  • Efficient video surveillance

Without a doubt, an on-site manager could be really helpful. However, 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring is a must for any reliable storage facility. A lot of strategically placed cameras inside and outside the facility will enhance visibility on any suspicious activity that might be going on.

  • Climate-controlled units

Maintaining a consistent temperature all year round is essential for some items prone to damage upon exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations. If storing sensitive objects like leather furniture, mattresses, antiques, musical instruments, collectibles, you may want to take advantage of climate and humidity-controlled storage units.

  • Alarm systems

A quality alarm system in place will keep burglars away and notify staff in case of a potential break-in. Individually alarmed rooms are your best bet when looking for safe accommodation for your valuable items.

  • Fire sprinklers

Many storage companies go the extra mile to keep customers’ belongings safe from the elements, natural disasters, and other unfortunate events. That said, many of them implement the sprinkler system to minimize the effects of unexpected fire accidents. When researching cheap storage NYC options, take into consideration those companies that apply simple storage security ideas and innovative solutions.

How to prepare your belongings for storage

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Use sturdy and durable boxes to pack your items for storage

Your belongings’ well-being largely depends on the unit’s safety features, but you can also make them less susceptible to damage by applying several simple storage ideas. It goes without saying that the place should be well-kept and in good condition and also equipped with quality loading docks. However, the overall safety of your possessions also depends on how you prepare them for storage. Here are some of the safety guidelines to apply when about to place your items in a storage unit.

  • Stick to the list of things you are not allowed to keep in a storage facility – food, pets, plants, hazardous materials, stolen items…
  • If you are reusing cardboard boxes make sure they are clean, dry and perfectly durable. It certainly pays off to buy brand new boxes if you are renting a long-term unit.
  • Be specific when inventorying and labeling your boxes. You will need a systematic strategy in place to keep track of your items, especially if you have to file an insurance claim.
  • In order to maximize the storage unit, you should pack heavier items first and delicate items on top of them. Use up every inch of that space by packing your boxes tightly.
  • Place heavy items in small boxes and secure them properly.
  • While everyone’s looking for a good deal on moving and storage services, you should know that paying some extra cash for moving insurance could put your mind at ease.

When choosing the perfect storage unit, the first-class security is absolutely mandatory, along with the affordability and high-level cleanliness. While weighing your options, you may also learn some helpful storage security ideas to implement for extra protection.

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