Pros and cons of friends helping you relocate

Pros and cons of friends helping you relocate

Have you just realized you will have to move? It really doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a new job or a job transfer. What matters is that you only have two options – you can either hire last minute movers NYC or you can call in the troops. The prospect of friends helping you relocate sure sounds like a budget-friendly and convenient option. But, in some cases, life has demonstrated that’s not always the case. Before you start dialing and calling your friends, it would be wise to read this article and get a grasp of why having friends help you move can be good and why it can be very bad.

Pros of friends helping you relocate

Let us start by saying that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. However, the cons come bearing more weight and can have a very serious effect on your friendships. But, more on that later.

They help you move on a budget

Don’t get the wrong idea – friends are by no means a complete substitute for moving companies Long Island. They can’t take on all the tasks a moving company should do (like transport your belongings to another state), but they can help you with some other tasks. Let’s take a concrete example in mind.

A group of people making a plan.
Sit down with your friends, plan out the packing process and get down to work!

When moving, you have to pack every possession you have. In case you decide to do it by yourself and, thus, save some money you would otherwise spend on packing services, you have to deal with the fact that you won’t be able to do it alone. And that’s when your friends will come in handy. Coincidentally, that brings us to another point of order and reveals another advantage of having your friends help you relocate.

You will have more help, resulting in a quicker move

By having others help you pack, seal, load, and label, it will take much less time to finish up all the moving-related tasks. We here at Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC know very well how time-consuming moving can be. Besides, with an extra set of hands helping you pull off packing, cleaning, and decluttering, you will be more rested. And that’s really important, as you have to do everything in your power to remain in good health during a move.

Your move will be fun!

Three friends helping you relocate.
Remember not to get carried away in all that fun!

Your friends are the ones you have the most fun with, right? With them by your side, packing won’t be such a tedious task – it will be a real joy! However, do bear in mind that too much fun can sometimes be a bad thing for your relocation. You wouldn’t want to get carried away and forget to pack your mirrors or worse – pack them without using sufficient protective materials. And things like this can easily slip your mind when having fun!

Cons of friends helping you relocate

As great as it is to have your loved ones help you move, it’s also a bad idea in a way. At the end of the day, you’ll just have to think about it really carefully and decide which things you are ready to compromise on.

The chaos of moving can put a strain on your friendship

What people don’t often realize and what’s really important for surviving this process is the fact that you need to be very clear with your friends. Let them know exactly what you need them to help you with and don’t sugarcoat it. Otherwise, they might arrive thinking they only need to label the boxes when in reality they need to sort, pack, and label. Any misunderstandings here can lead to negative feelings which later have a negative influence on your bond.

Your friends are not pros

And it goes without saying that you can’t blame them for that. But, your friends won’t know the best packing techniques and they sure won’t be able to recognize the most quality packing materials. That’s something only reputable NYC movers can do, as they have been trained and are now qualified for the job. Then again, special services are quite costly and might be more than you bargained for.

Dollar bills.
With friends helping you relocate you save money, but you compromise on quality and safety.

When friends help you relocate, injuries are a real possibility

All it takes is for one of you to drop something and voila – you get at least one broken toe. Moving injuries are a very common occurrence when people move by themselves or with some help from friends. What people don’t know is that it takes a top-notch level of communication for a move to go off without a hitch. While lifting an item, you have to make sure both sides are ready to carry the load. Then, you have to make sure your steps are synchronized and you have to move very slowly in general. That’s the only way moving can be a relatively safe event.

The bottom line

When you put the prospect of friends helping you relocate in perspective, you will come to the following conclusion. It will be much cheaper to have friends help you pack as opposed to paying for professional packing and unpacking services. With their help, a move will be a much quicker endeavor – not to mention much more amusing. But, this help might also become a source of great dissatisfaction, as it might worsen the bond between you and your friends if both parties aren’t clear on what’s expected from them. Some of you might get injured and some of your items might get damaged. Those are just the risks of not hiring professionals. So, what are you supposed to do? Put all the other pros and cons you can think of and arrive at a final conclusion by yourself! We hope luck will be on your side!

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