Preparing your car for shipping

Preparing your car for shipping


If your new place is not within driving range, keep in mind that your car should be moved with you, unless you want to sell it and buy another one after you settle into your new residence.

In case of a local move, a car can be considered as a moving vehicle as it can help you run moving-related errands faster and more efficiently. In addition to that, you can safely transport in your car certain items that you are not willing to entrust to the moving company – valuables, jewelry, antiques, collectibles, personal documents, laptop,… Whether you are going to drive your car to your next destination or have it shipped, you should take certain steps in order to minimize the risk and ensure a damage-free shipping.

How to prepare your car for shipping

– Give your car a good wash by cleaning it thoroughly inside and out. That way you will inspect your car and identify possible scratches and damage. It will be easier for you to spot any kind of damage on a clean car both before and after the transport. Make sure you make notes and take photos of each scratch, paint chip or dent and hand your records over to the shipping company.

– Take an inventory of your car’s content and refrain from transporting any personal belongings in it since they may get stolen easily. Car shipping companies usually have specific regulations on what can be transported in the vehicle – car accessories, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spare tire,…

Items that shouldn’t be shipped in the car:

– stereos;

– dvd player;

– gps systems

– detachable CD players,…

– Carriers are not licensed to transfer customer’s personal goods. As a result, their insurance won’t cover any personal object inside the car, even if you try to transport it secretly. On the other hand, you will be held accountable if you have transported personal belongings illegally inside the car.

– If your car is inoperable, let your carrier know that in advance, since they will need to take some additional steps. It’s always a good idea to run a maintenance check before having your car shipped to another city or state. Bare in mind that certain mechanical problems may cause damage to other vehicles, therefore, you should share every piece of information you have regarding your car’s condition. In addition to that, you may incur some extra fees if your car become inoperable during shipping.

– Custom alarms and anti-theft devices should be disabled so that movers NYC can handle your car without any inconveniences. Remember that they will drive your car on and off the truck, so make sure they can access it. It’s in your best interest to follow some basic steps in order to minimize the risk of any damage to your car.

– Speaking of safety precautions, a reputable shipping company plays very important role in this car shipping adventure. A proper shipping company will be able to provide you with a quote, a comprehensive explanation of the shipping process as well as with helpful guidelines and instructions.Knowing that professional are transporting your car with the utmost care will ease your mind. However, it’s important that you understand your responsibility in this shipping process.

– Remove any detachable parts inside the car and seal any gaps or tears. If you are moving a convertible, make sure its top is properly secured so as to prevent moisture from damaging the interior of your car.

– If you are using long-distance shipping services, it’s extremely important that the battery has a full charge and that you check tire pressure.

– There should be no leaking fluids and your car should have a quarter tank of gas. Moreover, a full tank is completely unnecessary, since it will add weight to the vehicle.

– Collect all necessary documents for car shipping. The original certificate of title or a certified copy will be considered as a proper proof of ownership.

– Keep track of your car by staying in touch with the driver.

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