Preparing your car for the move

Preparing your car for the move

Moving to a new location involves a lot of major decisions – what to move and what to leave behind is probably the biggest dilemma. Moving a car to your new home can be a very demanding undertaking, especially if you are moving long distance.

Therefore, unless you are going to sell your car and buy the new one once you settle into your new home, you should make sure it is in a good shape and ready to withstand challenges of the relocation process.

Tips for packing and moving your car

– If you are moving locally, you can use your car as a moving vehicle. By making several trips to your old home and back you can transport all the items that can fit into your car.

– In case you are bringing your car along with you on the long distance move, you should consider using professional services of a company that specializes in moving vehicles. The other option would be to try to move your car with other household goods, which is not recommended. Since your household movers usually charge by weight or distance, moving a car along with other household items would be a very expensive undertaking.

Should you decide to go for a professional auto mover, you may find the following tips and suggestions helpful in terms of preparing your car for the long-distance move.

– Have your car inspected by professionals. Even if you will have your car shipped, it needs to be in a good condition. Wash your car prior to shipping, take pictures of all existing faults, scratches and dents and document its current condition. Check tires, emergency brake, possible fluid leaks, charge the battery and leave around 1/4 of fuel in the tank. Also, disable the alarm system so that your NYC movers have access when necessary.

Should your car get damaged while in transit, those proves will come in handy when you are requesting reimbursement from the insurance company.

– Remove all loose items from the car, since auto shippers won’t be held responsible in case anything gets lost. Remember, even if your car is insured during the transport, your personal items aren’t. In any case, your shipping specialist will inform you in advance on the precautionary measures you should take in order to protect your car during the transport. Also, if movers have some specific requirements and rules, make sure you comply with them.

– Find reputable auto shippers by researching online reviews, ratings and recommendations from friends and family members. Get quotes from several auto shippers, compare them and decide which one meets your standards and budget. When filling in the quote form you need to state the make and model of the car, general condition, preferred shipping method and date and number of vehicles you want to transport.

– Although experienced and reputable auto shippers are usually expensive, it’s quite possible to find reasonably priced quality auto shipping services. Your choice should be based on the company’s expertise and professionalism, since this is the only guarantee that your precious vehicle will be in good hands.

– Choose between door to door and terminal to terminal services depending on your budget and schedule. Door to door services are likely to be more expensive. Also, decide if you will have your car shipped in an open or enclosed trailers.

– Check whether your car insurance covers your vehicle while in transit. If not, purchase an additional coverage and ensure your peace of mind while you are having your car transported.

-After a successful car delivery check if everything’s in its place and if there are any signs of damage.

– You are expected to prepare the paperwork and register your car in the new state within the predefined time frame.

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