Pre-move garage sale

Pre-move garage sale


Having an upcoming move on your mind, you have to come up with an effective moving strategy as early as possible. A lot of unnecessary items have been piled up over the years without being disposed of properly. Old, unused and forgotten items are now standing in the way of a successful move, so start dealing with them as soon as you decide to move.

Some people become aware of what they have accumulated over the years only when they are facing the imminent move. Many of them decide to organize a garage or yard sale prior to the move in order to get rid of outdated and unused belongings. Garage sales are a part of everyday life in NYC – an unsurprising turn of events when someone decide to move house.

The less items you move, the less you will pay for moving and transportation services. Furthermore, organizing a garage sale will get you a profit, so go through your items carefully and decide what is going to be moved to your new home. The items that were stored and forgotten aren’t worth moving at all.

How to organize a garage sale

Holding a garage sale is probably the most efficient way to get rid of unnecessary items and earn some cash, which is very convenient since moving process may drain your wallet. If moving costs seem too high, cut down the expenses by getting rid of all unnecessary items. Also, if moving some items is much more expensive than replacing it, don’t bother transporting them – just purchase the new ones once you settle into the new home.

The following tips can be really helpful when organizing a garage sale.

– Select items for sale and pick a space where the event will take place. Clean the place, clean, sort and arrange the items according to the purpose and value. There should be separate containers for children’s clothes, toys, books, souvenirs, tools, clothes,… Label each of them so that your items should be easily identified. The space should be spacious enough and safe. Remove all dangerous objects and possible obstacles from the property before the sale starts. Also, keep your pets and small children away during the sale.

– Are there any restrictions related to holding garage sale in your neighborhood? Contact local authorities and find out if you need a permit.

– Establish your goal. Is the purpose of the sale to get some profit or purge your house regardless of the profit?

– Make an inventory and mark the costs. The price of each item should be clearly visible,

– Set the date and advertise the event. It is recommended to plan the sale for the first weekend of the month just after payday. Good weather conditions are favorable factor as well.

– Let people know where and when exactly it is taking place and inform them why you are holding the sale so that they know what kind of household items they can expect. Advertise the event via social networks as well as via some traditional ways. Spread the word about the upcoming event.

– Decide what you will do with the unsold items. Consider donating and recycling what has left. Also, when the sale is about to end, you can also lower the prices and offer some special discounts. If your goal is to get rid of all unwanted items, the price shouldn’t really matter.

– Get some help. Arranging a yard sale is not an easy task, so an extra pair of hands could be really helpful. Ask some friends or family members for help. They could at least look after your kids or pets until the sale is over.

– Be kind to potential buyers, talk to people, answer all their questions and provide all necessary information. Be enthusiastic and radiate positive energy so as to attract as many buyers as possible. Participate actively in the communication and be open to negotiation.

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