How to move a bookcase

How to move a bookcase

There’s certainly something gratifying about keeping a personal library and having a book collection. Over the years you’ve been fostering the environment that encourages reading thanks to your precious personal book nook. You’ve also forged a strong relationship with your books and when the time comes to move a bookcase to a new home, you may want to figure out the safest way to do so. There’s a number of benefits to keeping a personal library:

a girl taking a book from a bookcase
Keeping a personal library may seem like an onerous task, but it’s actually rewarding for several reasons
  • no due dates or public library fines
  • you have constant access to your favorite books
  • your kids will be part of a book-oriented environment

Being a book hoarder is a rewarding experience and if you were ever wondering what would be a major downside of it, it will most definitely occur to you as soon as you decide to move. It’s only then that you realize how difficult it is to deal with your bookcase. Bookcases are bulky and inconvenient to move, so make an efficient strategy so as to ensure the safe transport of your personal library.

However, as counter-intuitive as it may sound, getting your books from one place to another can be both daunting and satisfying. Although many people would say that there is nothing interesting about relocating items that weigh thousands of pounds and take up many cubic feet, setting up your personal library while arranging your new space is often reported as an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Since it’s highly unlikely for a true book lover to leave behind the most cherished books, you should figure out an efficient plan on how to move a bookcase.

Decide if you can move a bookcase by yourself

Considering other more expensive and bulkier household items, moving a bookcase shouldn’t be a major problem. However, if you want to keep it in good condition, you should invest some time, effort and money.
Moving furniture to a new home proves to be a huge challenge depending on the distance and type of furniture. If your new home happens to be situated in another state or country, relocating bulky furniture pieces may put you through a lot of trouble.

Sometimes buying a new item instead of moving the existing one long-distance may make more sense. Considering several important aspects such as the general condition of the bookcase, logistic challenges of the job, your new home layout, the value of the item, etc. you will be able to decide if the bookcase is worth moving at all.

Once you have established that your treasured bookcase will fit perfectly into your new place, decide if you need professional assistance provided by some of the best moving and storage companies NYC. If you are moving within the same city and you are able to disassemble and reassemble the item on your own, then you should have no doubt that you can move a bookcase with a little help from your friends. Surround yourself with a couple of skillful friends who happen to have some experience in moving house.

Relocating a ton of books and a bookcase

sofa and a large bookcase
Use professional moving services when transporting large furniture pieces

The last thing a true book lover would want to find out after a move is that some of the books ended up damaged. Moving is an ideal time to reassess your book collection and return the books that someone borrowed to you a while ago. Hopefully, the following tips will help you move a bookcase smoothly to a new home.

Sort, purge and clean

Sort through your items on the bookshelf and make separate piles of books, souvenirs, photos, decorative items and any other items that are placed on it. The bookcase itself is usually heavy and you certainly don’t want to lift it with all the books and knick-knacks on it.

Now that you have emptied the bookshelf, go through the books carefully and check if there are some that you no longer need. Although the books are one of the most valuable items in your house, it’s a perfect moment to return the books to your friends or library or to give them away. Without a doubt, parting with your lovely books is an emotionally charged task.

Clean the books before you start packing them. It is recommended to put them standing upright, so as to avoid the possibility of any damage.

Get proper packing materials

No matter how stressful moving can get, one thing is for sure – some items are easier to handle than others. Packing and moving a piano or fine china seems far more challenging than packing books. However, the process of packing and moving books shouldn’t be underestimated.

green plastic containers
Books are heavy, so make sure to use durable containers

Find proper packaging for your books – sturdy cardboard box or plastic containers. If you choose cardboard moving boxes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to secure them additionally with packing tape. Specialized plastic containers are stackable and easy to handle.

Either way, try not to overpack the boxes, because someone will have to lift, carry, load and unload them on moving day. Also, make sure the books cannot move inside the box by inserting some bubble wrap or other cushioning material. Mind the size of the moving boxes. No matter how large the box is, you will probably tend to fill it up and make it too heavy to be moved. Therefore, consider using only small boxes when packing and moving books.

When you are packing souvenirs and photos make sure to use suitable packing materials like bubble wrap and any other cushioning material, as well as corner protectors.
No matter the size and weight of the bookcase, you should always use proper moving equipment. Get furniture sliders, so as to protect both your bookcase and the floor. In case you choose to use your strength and move a smaller bookcase yourself, mind the lifting techniques – use your legs and arms, not your back.

Taking apart the bookcase when moving

Disassemble the bookcase in order to make it more manageable for your movers and helpers. Make sure that the shelves are clean and wrap them individually so as to avoid the possibility of scratching them. Use the relevant manuals while disassembling the bookcase. If you haven’t saved the manuals, take notes or pictures of every step, so you won’t have trouble reassembling it. There are several precautions to take into consideration when planning to move a bookcase.

If you cannot dismantle the bookcase, use plastic wrap and padding materials to protect it from possible damage during transport.
Keep all small pieces and screws together in one box so you can put them back on easily once you reach your new place. If the bookcase has removable legs, pack them separately and if not, wrap them and protect properly for transit.

If repair works in your new house/apartment are still in progress and you have to move out from the current home, consider storing your furniture for a while. So, for that purpose, find a humidity-free and climate-controlled unit.

Get reliable moving assistance

You can either move a bookcase by yourself or contact the experts to help you. After all, professional Hell’s Kitchen movers have a lot of experience and they will certainly move your most treasured items carefully and smoothly. Get moving quotes from several companies and choose the offer that fits your budget and seems the most convenient for you. Thankfully, professional movers have the necessary skill set and moving equipment to handle even the most demanding household items.

After your bookcase and other pieces of furniture have reached the new place, take your time to arrange it according to your taste and preferences. You will surely enjoy rearranging your books and giving your new home a personal touch. Books are special items that have great sentimental value. They will most definitely add an appealing and stylish touch to your new place and make it feel like home. Being surrounded by your favorite items may help you embrace the change and adjust to a new home.

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