How to Pack Perfume Bottles?

How to Pack Perfume Bottles?

The familiar scent can immediately trigger a detailed memory and intense emotion. But, it also delights your senses and can help define your style. Your signature fragrance is extremely personal and makes a big part of your unique expression. So it only makes sense that most people find perfumes a necessary part of their everyday routine. And more often than not, the average person will have an entire collection of similar or entirely opposite fragrances at home. Since perfumes are not exactly cheap, throwing away or leaving behind your favorite bottles when moving is not an option.

Perfume Bottles

However, having them safely relocated can be a challenge since glass bottles are fragile and can get broken during moving but liquid can also get spilled in the process and cause damage to other household items you’re moving. The good news is that with proper packing and careful handling you can have your perfume collection safely moved. Read on to learn how to pack perfume bottles and enjoy your favorite fragrances long after your relocation is over.

Sort out

Before you move on to the packing part, go ahead and sort out your entire perfume collection. Firstly, separate expired, broken, or bottles of scents you don’t use or enjoy. If you have bottles collecting dust there’s no point in moving them and taking precious space. Rather give them away to friends or sell them in a garage sale or online. In case some of the perfumes are expired or lost scent, don’t give it a second thought and throw them away. Also, empty bottles are not worth moving since you’ll be paying for moving services based on the total weight or size of the shipment. In both cases, you won’t benefit from bringing empty bottles to your new home. After you take care of unneeded perfumes, proceed to sort out the rest. For example, your favorite and everyday bottles should be easily available and kept at hand.

Prepare perfume bottles for packing

Once you have sorted out your perfume collection and have those you want to move ready, it’s time to pack them and make sure they’re properly secured for transport. Make sure to prepare proper packing supplies. The first step is to use tape to seal the caps so they don’t spill during the move. Make sure you use quality tape so you wouldn’t risk leaving a nasty residue on the bottle after removing it. This applies to your atomizers, roll-on perfumes, or any bottle that has an applicator. Once you’ve sealed the bottle, the next step is to use bubble wrap to wrap the entire bottle, making sure it’s well protected against breaking. Use several layers of bubble wrap so it would absorb the accidental hit and keep your bottles from getting broken. You will then want to secure the wrap in place by using packing tape.

Packing Perfume Bottles in Bubble Wrap

Prepare the container

Now that your bottles are ready for packing, there’s one thing left to do – prepare the container. In order to make everything safe for transport, you should use bubble wrap and create soft cushioning at the bottom of the moving box. This will act as another layer of protection for your fragile perfume bottles. You can use a regular cardboard moving box but plastic containers may be a better idea since they’re much sturdier and will not break like cardboard could. Bottles can get really heavy so go for plastic containers or make sure you use extra tape to secure regular moving boxes. Some alternatives you can also consider include a clean shoe box, travel storage box, or travel cosmetic organizer, as any of these will serve the purpose.

Pack perfume bottles

Once you’ve prepared your perfume bottles and containers, you can go ahead and place each perfume gently in its designated moving container. Whatever type of container you choose, you should always create padding. Use extra soft fabric in between bottles to prevent them from scratching or damaging each other in transit. After everything is packed, fill in any empty space with packing paper so you would avoid shifting and add another protective layer over the perfume bottles. It may seem like too much padding but all these steps are necessary for keeping fragile glass bottles safe. In case you don’t want to move them separately, you can also wedge the containers deep between the clothes or other non-fragile belongings. This is a good idea if you’re using suitcases to move your things.

Label the boxes

One last thing to do in order to keep your fragrances intact is to label the box with its content. And, of course, write “fragile” on several sides of the moving container. Make sure you use bright colors and write in big letters. That way, all your helpers would be aware that careful handling is required. Also, draw arrows to indicate which way is up because you want the perfume bottles to be kept upright during the entire moving process.

Label Perfume Bottles - Fragile

Smart hacks for packing perfumes

Besides cardboard boxes and plastic bins, you can also use small vacuum seal boxes. Or even ammunition boxes if you’re packing perfume vials for moving. Another smart hack is to use polystyrene ice boxes since you want to keep perfumes away from heat. You can also add an ice pack inside to keep the bottles cool during transit.

These simple steps should help you pack your perfume bottles with ease and have them safely arrive at your new home. The right packing materials and a bit of extra care are usually enough to move your fragrances but if you’d rather have a professional take care of your belongings, we’ve got you. Dumbo Moving and Storage is at your service. We will handle the packing and transporting of your items but we will also provide a storage unit in case you need to keep your perfumes and other goods safely stored for a while. Renting a storage unit has never been easier. Contact us to chat about your relocation and receive free moving quotes.

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