NYC Moving tips: Last-minute move

NYC Moving tips: Last-minute move


Under normal circumstances most people need at least two months to prepare for the moving day. But what if you don’t really have that much time? What if you have received a business offer and you have to relocate to another city as soon as possible? What if there is a family emergency forcing you to move quickly? Moving itself can be really stressful and frustrating, especially last-minute moves. Although you have only a couple of weeks (or even days) to organize everything, there’s no reason to panic, because moving on short notice is doable. In case of the last-minute move, quick sorting and packing of your possessions is your priority. There are some useful guidelines that will provide successful resolution of this tiny problem.

Last-minute moving tips

– Hire professional movers or rent a truck

When moving on short notice finding available NYC moving company can be really frustrating. However, regardless of the limited time frame, you should be very attentive while choosing professional moving services. Make sure that the moving company you are entrusting your possessions is reputable and reliable. Although some of the most popular moving companies in the area may be already booked months in advance, try to find suitable movers and be prepared to pay more due to the tight timeline. In this case finding inexpensive movers can be a real challenge, but don’t give up easily. Recommendations can be really helpful, so ask friends and relatives who have had similar experiences recently. Also, do some research online, read customers’ reviews so that you can identify rogue movers and avoid them. Due to the nature of the move, you may be facing a dilemma whether you should hire professional movers or do the move yourself with the assistance of a few friends. During your emergency move time is a crucial factor and professional and experienced movers are likely to pack, load, transport and unload your possessions much faster then you can. Since the movers are usually charging more under such circumstances, you can get moving quotes from several companies and hire the most affordable moving company. Although a bit risky when it comes to last-minute moving, you can always choose DIY option. However, moving on short notice is not the best occasion to experiment with moving on your own situations unless you have similar experience and know exactly what to do.

– Organize the move step by step

Since there is very little time to prepare everything for the move, try to stay organized. The very first step of the preparation for the moving day is creating moving timeline. Each moment is extremely important, so make sure to include all the tasks that need to be completed while making this schedule.

– Sort and pack your items

Packing is usually the most time-consuming part of the move. You certainly don’t want to waste money and time packing the items you haven’t been using for ages and you won’t use once you reach your new place. Go through all your household items and make a list of those you don’t need any more. You can either sell or donate them, but remember the more items you give away, the less you have to wrap, pack and transport. If you are moving with a family, get each family member involved in sorting and packing. You can always have your movers pack the whole household and save you a lot of stress and headaches.

Get packing supplies as soon as possible. There are a lot of sources where you can get free moving boxes (supermarkets, bookstores, grocery stores, restaurants,…), but if that takes too long, get the boxes and plastic containers from your moving company. Also, make sure to get bubbling wrap, wrapping paper, markers, packing tape and other necessary moving supplies.

– Call your friends

Other than moving company, you may need some additional help, so have your friends assist you with packing and moving. Friends are always willing to help, you just have to know what you need them to do and assign them appropriate tasks. Make sure that each task is completed accurately, otherwise every mistake can cost you time that you don’t have actually. Stick to the customized timeline, keep calm and the move will be over before you know it.

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