Moving with a toddler made easy

Moving with a toddler made easy

Making your move less stressful for children should be your top priority when moving with a toddler. It’s a well-known fact that moving may pose a series of difficulties. And during that period your multitasking skills will be put to test.

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Moving with a toddler doesn’t have to be a troublesome experience

Aside from getting your belongings ready for the move, hiring dependable movers NYC, tackling all moving-associated paperwork and arranging for a new place. You will have to take care of the well-being of your toddler during the move. Ensuring a peaceful transition for your little ones is a major responsibility, so make sure to start your preparations on time. Your toddler’s safety is of paramount importance during the hectic relocation process. So, before you set up your family life somewhere else, make sure your young kid is aware of the ongoing change. A toddler cannot be part of the decision-making process, so try to reduce the traumatic effects of the move.

Relocating with kids to New York is famous for being difficult, but moving with a toddler poses a totally new set of challenges. Here’s how to prepare your child for the upcoming move ensuring a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Change your perspective

What does moving house mean for your child? By adjusting your point of view you may realize how your toddler feels about the move and why it’s so scary for them.

While kids thrive on a solid structure, routine and stability, moving can introduce them to a totally new world of fears, sadness and uncertainty. Therefore, it’s extremely important to let them know that you are going through the change together as a family and that you will be moving all favorite toys with you to a new place. Keep your kid’s focus on all positive aspects of the move, new, interesting features of a new home and all those amazing amenities that will be available upon the move.

Although they don’t have a say in the matter, show them that their opinion is valuable to you. Be understanding and accommodating while they are processing their emotions about the move. The truth is that it will require some extra time, but also it may put your kid at ease.

Keep calm when moving with a toddler

It comes as no surprise that parents’ stress level can be toxic to kids. We cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a positive attitude during the move. That way, the kids will perceive the upcoming move as a beneficial change. And the traumatic effects will be reduced to a minimum.

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Allow yourself enough time to de-stress after the move

Toddlers are very sensitive and they may pick up on parents’ negative thoughts and frustration like a sponge. They will notice if the move is making you feel depressed or sad. That being said, staying upbeat during the move is the only way to reinforce your positive message about the upcoming transition. Get your kids enthusiastic about experiencing a new life in a new home. If parents are optimistically anticipating the upcoming move, chances are kids will share their feelings too.

Take your toddler to a new community before the move

As children need time to accept and process the idea of moving, the best would be to break the news gently as soon as possible. Visiting your new home before moving day will allow your kid to familiarize with a new surrounding gradually. So, if you are moving locally, within the same city, take the time to organize a tour around your new neighborhood and home.

As long as you are patient and understanding of your kid’s feelings, the adjustment process will go smoothly. By allowing them to express their feelings and answering their questions and concerns about the new home you may even get them excited about the upcoming change. Also, let them know that you are just leaving the place, not your family structure and habits.

Stick to the regular routine

Moving is notorious for being a major disruption in the family’s day-to-day life. In order to ease the transition and post-move adjustment try to keep the old routine as unaltered as possible. Your kids’ bedtime and meal schedule should be consistent before and after the move. Re-establishing the old routine and regular activities once you move into a new home will keep negative feelings at bay.

While you may want to unpack as soon as you reach your new place, helping your kids settle happens to be more important for their well-being. It’s extremely important to build a sense of familiarity after moving in. Surround them with their favorite items while unpacking their items first. Setting up their room and recreating the previous furniture layout may provide the sense of security and reassurance. This is especially important when moving with a toddler.

Keep your toddler safe on moving day

Arranging for someone to look after your kids on moving day is the main prerequisite for a smooth moving day. While keeping your little ones safe from the moving day chaos and out of harm’s way, your movers and helpers will be able to maneuver your belongings without any obstacles.

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Moving with kids and pets requires some additional safety measures in place

The same goes for your pets. You can either confine them to a specific room or ask a neighbor to take care of them while movers are doing their job. Both toddlers and pets may easily get irritated by the movers’ presence and chaotic activities on moving day. So, keeping them busy and entertained somewhere else is your best bet.

Helping your kid adjust to a new home

The adjustment process after moving with a toddler may take a while, so make sure to coordinate and prioritize your activities correctly. It can be tempting to leave your children with a reliable friend for a couple of hours until unpacking and cleaning is over. But involving them actually may be beneficial for their adjustment process.

Make unpacking as fun for them as possible, even if it will go much slower than you’d like to. Encourage them to explore and familiarize with the new place in order to feel settled as soon as possible.

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