Is Moving from NYC to Atlanta Right for You?

Is Moving from NYC to Atlanta Right for You?

Are you thinking about moving from NYC to Atlanta? Probably you are having second thoughts, and are wondering whether moving from New York to Georgia is the right decision for you. We want to help you make this decision easily. We will show you all the pros and cons of moving to Atlanta from NYC. You will gain insight into the differences between these two cities, and find out what you prefer. Atlanta is the birthplace of hip-hop and Coca Cola, and has a lot to offer, just like NYC, so think through before making this decision.

Moving from NYC to Atlanta

Cons of moving from NYC to Atlanta

NYC is the greatest city in the world, where people love to live no matter what. So, now we will outline the cons of leaving this beautiful place in order to move to Atlanta.


Traffic Jam

NYC is busy, but public transport is impeccable. Most people are using the subways to get wherever they want and it is working out for them just fine. In Atlanta, on the other hand, transportation is the number one thing that its residents do not like. Hate is a strong word, but it may be suitable in this connotation. Unless you live in the area where your work is located, you may be in for an hour-long commute. The rush hour is absolutely dreadful, and generally, they do not like being in the streets from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. So, public transport is not a favorite thing here, and owning a car is basically the best thing you can do if you move out here.


Weather in Atlanta is generally pleasant. You can witness all four seasons here. Summers tend to be really hot and humid, though. Did you know that Atlanta is also often referred to as Hotlanta? Well, now you know why. The winters are usually mild and short without much snow. The biggest issue here arises when the snow really does fall. It shuts the whole city down because they are not prepared for any snowstorms. This can last up to a few days, but on the other hand, it happens once or twice in every three years. Depending on what climate you like, you can choose which city is more convenient for you, Atlanta or NYC.

Pros of moving from NYC to Atlanta

Atlanta is perfect for you if you are raising a family, for example. It gives you a chance of a much peaceful life where you will have the time for your spouse and kids. But, this is not the only thing why it is better to live in Atlanta, let us see what else is there.

You will not be bored in Atlanta

Next to NYC, you may get the impression that living in Atlanta might be even a bit boring. However, you will be able to enjoy yourself here, do not worry. Atlanta has a lot of restaurants, cafés, eateries where the food is delicious. Also, shopping opportunities arise on every corner of Atlanta, as there are a lot of shopping malls and outlets designed to meet your every need.

If You Move from NYC to Atlanta, You Can See The World of Coca-Cola Museum
The World of Coca-Cola Museum

But, there is more to Atlanta than just shopping and eating out. If you are a fan of any sports, you will be truly happy in Atlanta. You can train whatever sport you like, but you can also attend the games of your favorite teams. The Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Dream, and the Atlanta Falcons are regularly playing matches, so fun is guaranteed. You can also enjoy the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, or visit some of the best museums such as the Coca Cola museum, or the High Museum of Art. Do not forget to visit the Atlanta Contemporary Arts Centers before you make the final decision about the move.

Job Market

You Can Easily Find a Job in Atlanta

Chances are that you will find a job in Atlanta fairly easy. Although the unemployment rate is higher than the national average, as it is currently 8.1%, Atlanta has been rated as third in top cities where you can find jobs by Forbes. And this really means something. The greatest employers here are the Fortune 500 companies, as their headquarters are situated in Atlanta. Coca Cola also hires around 9,000 people, although it operates globally now. A median household income is $46,100, slightly lower than the national average but still enough to make for a fine living here.

Cost of living

You Will Love the Cost of Living after Your Moving from NYC to Atlanta

If you move from NYC to Atlanta, you will be pleased to find out that everything is much cheaper here. From food, utilities, transportation, you name it, it is cheaper down here. The price of living is 2% lower than the nation`s average. Here, you can rent a 900 sq. ft. apartment for $1,200. You will agree that this is so much lower than the Big Apple. Some research shows that life in Atlanta is around 40% cheaper than life in NYC. So, if you have always dreamed of buying a house, or traveling across the world for the holidays, living in Atlanta may just be the perfect thing for you.

Hire professionals for your moving from NYC to Atlanta

Dumbo Mover Carrying a Cardboard Box

If you decide to move from NYC to Atlanta, we highly recommend that you hire reputable movers to assist you. Not only will the reliable movers move your household belongings efficiently, but they will also do this in a blink of an eye. There is no need to risk moving injuries, or damaging your belongings. You will have proper insurance when you let the pros help you and you can always get free moving estimates.

We have now seen all the reasons why you should move to Atlanta, or decide to stay in NYC. We can all agree that Atlanta definitely has a lot to offer, and is a valid option when it comes to moving. Whatever your final decision is, remember that your peace of mind is what is important. Never stress out too much, or overthink, like Nike says: Just do it. Dumbo NYC wishes you good luck!

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