Moving into a condo

Moving into a condo


As a first time buyer you should inspect all available housing options that may be suitable both for your budget and lifestyle. Also, if you are downsizing, moving into a condo will be a breath of fresh air, since outdoor maintenance, upkeep responsibilities and repair works will be out of the picture.

Everything you need to know before moving into a condo

As any other life-changing decision, this one also comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Just make sure you are aware of them when planning to move into a condo.

– Compare layouts and floor plans so as to establish whether your new home can accommodate all your possessions. Bare in mind that if you are moving from a large home, your king size bed, piano or large design sofa may not fit in the condo. Also, if some of the items cannot fit through the door, make sure you know it in advance. Be reasonable when it comes to deciding what you really need at your new home. Furthermore, you are likely to save some money by transporting less items, which means that de-cluttering is actually cost-effective. Instead of packing your place with the old items, you may prefer investing in new furniture pieces.

– Your neighbors will be quite close, so your general behavior will affect their lifestyle as well as your relationship. You should always be mindful of the level of the noise you produce, since most of the neighbor disputes are due to excessive noise. Each resident should comply with the house rules and regulations and respect other people’s privacy. Also, remember that getting along with your neighbors will ensure your peace of mind in the long run.

– You are not allowed to perform major repair works or renovation unless you have permission from the building administration. If you want to upgrade the interior of your home or add some new features, you will need to consult with the condo board beforehand. They will ask you to submit official architectural drawings for further review and approval. Changing the area outside your unit is out of the question.

– You can enjoy your privacy only inside your unit while there are special amenities designed for shared activities – fitness room, swimming pool,…. Bare in mind that you will have to give up on or at least limit some old habits when moving into a condo building (having parties every weekend, playing loud music, having guests late at night,… A condo board can be very severe when it comes to dealing with neighbors who are constantly breaking internal household rules. If you are not ready to comply with those regulations, consider buying a single-family home.

Moving into a condo checklist

– Find reliable movers. Research reputable moving companies, ask for several quotes and compare them so as to find the most suitable option. Since they have a lot of experience, they will guide you through the process. In case you are renting just a moving truck and having your friends help you, pay attention to the following suggestions.

– Talk with the condo manager about possible restrictions related to the moving day, since you may not be allowed to move in on Sundays or during restricted hours. Also, make sure your movers and helpers act according to the rules and restrictions.

– Book the elevator in advance. Some condos have special entrance and freight elevators used for the moving purposes. Inform the condo manager when the move will take place. Also, consider booking a parking spot for the moving truck, especially if your condo is situated in a lively area.

– Make sure you clean all common areas after the move is over. Some building managers will also require a damage deposit and additional fees that will cover possible damage made during the move.

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