Moving from New York to Philadelphia

Moving from New York to Philadelphia

After a restless and wondrous metropolis, it’s time to move from the city that never sleeps to the city that loves you back. The Big Apple, by all means, has indefinite enjoyments to offer, however leaving its hustle behind and heading to more leisurely areas is a decision that many New Yorkers are making. Flocks of people are moving from New York to Philadelphia, and the reasons are numerous.

City Hall Clock Tower
City Hall Clock Tower in Philadelphia

While you are searching for the right moving company, and The City of Brotherly Love is waiting for you, here are a few reasons why making this move is the right choice:

Why Are People Moving From New York to Philadelphia?

1. The value of new life-style

Famous for its historical heritage and quirky energy, Philly is also very well-known for its laid-back vibe. The casual atmosphere of this city will be one of the highlights after the often-hectic character of New York. Take a relaxed step, catch a breath, and welcome your new lifestyle.

2. The merit of outdoor time

Incredible public spaces that this city has to offer are widely enjoyed by its residents. Fairmount park together with Wissahickon Valley Park is one of the largest sharing urban park areas in the USA. It’s divided into two sections by the Schuylkill River. This park is home to several historic houses and various art sculptures such as Florentine lions dating back to 1887. Museums and Philadelphia Zoo are also here, which makes perfect conditions to spend a lot of time out of the closed spaces. Spending time outdoors is proven to reduce stress, improve sleep, and contribute to overall health-talking about having your welfare first.

3. The perk of diversity

Home to miscellaneous nations, Philly has also been named The city of neighborhoods, while taking immense pride in it. Some of them being historical and charming old city, colorful and exciting Chinatown, academic and youthful University City. Cool and hip Fishtown, open-minded Gayborhood, attractive and tony Rittenhouse Square, and the list goes on. By being welcoming to extent diversity, and earning its metropolitan spirit, Philadelphia is providing all the perks that come with it-multinational dining, art, shopping, history, education, etc.

4. The Blessing of Art

Magnificent art scene definitely deserves to be at the top of the list of reasons why people move from New York to Philly. The unsurpassed mural program became a trademark, with over 4 thousand murals all over the city. Contemporary art is no behind with numerous galleries, and it’s ever thriving scene. Along with modern art, there is also plenty of museums displaying a rich historical legacy. Some of the most popular ones are certainly Philadelphia Contemporary Art Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, Rodin Museum-the list is innumerable, following a full range of variety for you to indulge in.

5. The pleasure of nightlife after your move from NYC to Philly

Happy Friends Drinking And Toasting Cocktails In A Jazz Bar
Happy friends drinking and toasting cocktails in a jazz bar

The laidback style also shows in its vast variety of nightlife and plenty of unexpected options to choose from. Some of the clubs combine dining and dancing, where dance floors are hosted by local DJs while food is served until early hours. Certain restaurants are opening extra space on weekends to turn into a disco as well. Other places will offer a more vintage vibe, with dancers and bourbon selection. If you are in a mood to dress up, there are clubs with dress code and more upscale, where VIP tickets are required in advance. Let’s not forget the importance of jazz, which has been carefully nurtured-the list goes quite long for clubs to see for live jazz performance. Piano bars open their doors to you for romantic dates or low-key evenings.

6. The pride of sports

Lincoln Financial Field
The aerial view of Lincoln Financial Field

One of the crucial parts of the city culture is sports. Philadelphians are very active when it comes to sports happenings. Fans are widely known for their huge passion, especially regarding their major sports teams such as Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, and Sixers. “The Big Four” major sports league in North America is being hosted by 12 cities, and Philadelphia is one of them. Baseball, football, basketball and hockey – each sport has its faithful audience here. Furthermore, not only professional teams play here, but also many college teams, semi-pro, high school, and amateur teams. In addition, cricket and extreme wresting in the USA also have to thank Philly for making a significant contribution to its development.

7. The advantage of the rent prices after moving from New York to Philadelphia

Less inspiring than art and food but as stimulating is the fact that rent is significantly more affordable. The overpriced market in New York is something you will certainly not miss. The difference between smaller city rents can be outstanding. According to research, a 2-bedroom apartment can be found for less than $1500 in Philadelphia versus an average $4000 in New York. Satisfaction from not paying tremendous amounts of money is one more thing on the list of the things to love about this city.

8. The comfort of the proximity to NY

There will be days when a happening in NY is way too important for you to miss it, or days when you want to catch up with friends. Eventually, there will be days when you simply feel a longing for New York. In those moments, you will find comfort in the fact that New York is still pretty close. In only 2 hours driving you can reach your old home, and share some love with it before you go back to the City That Loves You Back.

The list of wonderful things that Philly has to offer does not end here. The bottom line, this city will be no behind New York when it comes to metropolitan assets. However, it will give you the charm and comfort of a smaller place, with much lesser prices.
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