Moving from a dorm to an apartment

Moving from a dorm to an apartment

Moving from a dorm to an aparrment

As much as living with your peers is interesting and exciting, there are times when you just need a moment in your private space. Moving into a dorm room with at least one roommate can be really challenging and according to many students it’s quite an adventure. Some people are very excited about the idea of living in a dorm and socializing with other people all the time, while others are hesitant and prefer living completely on their own.

Where you decide to live will determine the moving course and the amount of things you can move. When you are moving to a dorm room, try to pack as little as possible. Find out before the moving day which appliances and pieces of furniture are already provided. If you know your roommate and if you are ok with sharing some personal items like toaster, iron or coffeemaker, you should decide who will bring which item.

Pros and cons of living in a dorm

– Living in a dorm will allow you to make new friends and develop your social skills.

– Library, classrooms and other college facilities are within a stone’s throw.

– Dorm life is usually very affordable.

– Dorms are usually furnished (completely or partially) so you don’t have to move your own furniture and appliances. But, even if you want to, you might not be able to do so due to the limited space that you share with more than one person.

– Eventually you will need to get used to sharing the tiny space with other people.

– Roommate horror stories. Bad roommate relationship can make a living situation really uncomfortable or even unbearable.

– Sometimes the dorm room is not exactly what you expected.

Benefits of living in an apartment while in college

People who are not attracted to the idea of sharing a tiny room with a couple of roommates usually opt for renting an apartment. Many students start looking for an off-campus residence after some time spent in the dorm. If you like to cook, keep your space tidy and organized all the time, read or watch tv in silence then you should certainly move into an apartment.

– You will have more privacy. When moving into an apartment, you can either live alone or chose your roommates, which is not the case in a dorm room. Even if you share it with a roommate, you will have your own room, your personal space which won’t be invaded.

– Living in an apartment allows you to be free to do what ever you like. It will make you feel like an adult, but as a result, you should also act like one. You can organize your lifestyle the way you like.

– Moving from a dorm to an apartment comes with a lot more responsibilities and expenses – rent, utility bills, extra furniture, appliances, cleaning, cooking,…Consider all these duties when deciding whether to have a roommate or not. Also, there might be some unexpected expenses when moving and setting up an apartment, so make sure to calculate a moving budget on time.

– After you were constantly hanging out with various people while you were in a dorm, you may feel a little lonely when you move into an apartment.

Whether you are moving to a dorm or an apartment make sure to bring some decorations that will make your new place feel like home. A painting, lamp, plant, pictures of your loved ones may make you feel comfortable at your new place.

According to many people, living in a dorm is a huge and very exciting experience, but at some point living alone may seem like a very appealing idea. Moving to your first apartment is an important step and make sure it goes smoothly by hiring professional moving company that will have everything sorted out for you.

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