Moving Away Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Moving Away Gift Ideas for Your Friends

Taking a bold new step also means saying a few goodbyes. Leaving your friends surely has a bitter taste, however, a slight sign of affection can help turn it into a sweet farewell. Why not surprise your closest friends with moving away gifts and leave with style. Gifts can be as small as a keychain, or you can splurge them with luxury, the decision is entirely up to you. Take into consideration the amount of your budget, as well as your friend’s likes and dislikes.

Since you are the one to know their personality the best, figure out if they would like something practical that can be used on a daily bases. Perhaps they would appreciate the most something they will use only on special occasions. Are they a foodie, someone who finds joy in cooking or baking? Then a personalized oven mitt or a culinary item might be the right choice. Do they have a passion for literature? In that case, head to the book store. Do they have an outgoing personality with an eccentric fashion style? A unique and chic piece of fashion jewelry would be an affordable yet perfectly easy for them to use and remember you fondly. Options are numerous, so go ahead and choose the perfect fit for your dear ones.

To get your mind going, here are a few ideas for going away gifts:

Long-distance touch lamp

A Long Distance Touch Lamp

How amazing it would be to say “hi” via wi-fi, but not in a traditional way by calling or texting? These in-sync lamps work regardless of the distance. All you need to do is connect to wi-fi, light a lamp by the touch of your hand, and your friend’s lamp will emit the light at the same time.

Homesick candle

A Homesick Candle Perfect Moving Away Gift

Who doesn’t enjoy a pleasing scent in their home? The best thing about this candle is that you can customize it. Certain brands even make candles that have the scent of a city of your choice. Make it personal and meaningful by choosing a place that both you and your friend love.

Plush throw

Plush Throw Blanket

Perfect for those evenings when you want to stay in and get cozy with a soft plush over the lap. Treat your friend with one of the throws so that there is always a little reminder of you laying around their home.

A picture with a frame

Moving away Gift Framed Picture

Surely you and your friend have plenty of pictures from those moments that you will remember forever. Whether it’s from the crazy night out, relaxing vacation, or just a special selfie, choose one of those pictures and find a frame for it. Pick a frame that will reflect your friend’s taste. In this way, they will be able to find comfort in just one glance at any time.

Personalized coffee mug

Personalized Coffee Mug

If your friend is a coffee lover, they will absolutely love this gift. It can be decorated with anything from their favorite quote, to an inside joke or a favorite picture. Their own personalized mug is an interesting way to remember you each day when they’re having their morning coffee.

A gift card from the airline

A Gift Card

Imagine the amount of comfort there is in the fact that your friend already has a ticket to get to you? This thoughtful gift will definitively make a difference and make your leaving more bearable.

Good luck pendant

Good Luck Pendant

Wishing a good fortune to your friend remains after you leave in the form of a clover pendant. Good luck pendant is an affordable and simple way to let your friend know that you always have their welfare in mind.

Flowers on a later date


You can put an order for flowers to be delivered on any date after you leave. Imagine the look on your friend’s face when they receive a wonderful bouquet and find that a note is from you. Without a doubt, it will elicit a genuine smile and brighten up their day.

Compass jewelry

Compass Jewelry

If your friend is into unique jewelry than earrings, pendant, or a bracelet will be an ideal fit. Besides looking stylish, it is also a romantic reminder that they can always find their way to you. If your friend isn’t into jewelry, you can also choose a real compass. It will serve as a home décor while still sending the same message.

Personalized t-shirt

Personalized T Shirt

Pick one of the silliest or the cutest pictures of you and your friend. Get it printed on a t-shirt and you will have the most distinctive piece of clothing for saying goodbye in a fun way.

Huggable pillow

Pillows in the Form of Hearts

One more gift that is practical and used on a daily bases, yet it has emotional value to it. Let them know that you will be missing their hugs and a pillow will ease the longing until you meet again.

Farewell card

Farewell Card

Sometimes less is more, and you might be the best off just by simply writing down how much you will miss your friend. All you need to do is find a card that is appealing to you and tell your friend how much they mean to you.


If you are on a very strict budget, but still want to make your leaving special, go for recycling. Think about the item that your friend always compliments and that is not necessary for you. It will be a thoughtful present for your companion while being gentle on your budget.

Whatever you choose to gift, remember that those are the people who love you and they will love anything that serves as a reminder of you. Goodbye gifts are not mandatory; however, a little something is certainly an easy way to let your friends know once again that you care about them. Throw a goodbye party and surprise them with a gift!

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