Moving To Another State Checklist

Moving To Another State Checklist

Moving across state lines can be difficult and not exactly cheap, so keeping a positive attitude and having the bigger picture in mind is definitely the first step for a successful long-distance relocation. While you’re dealing with many preparations, it’s easy to overlook some important tasks, but our checklist will help you stay on track and break down the moving process into smaller and more manageable tasks. If you’re not sure what to do when moving cross-country, we’ve got you covered. Keep on reading and learn more in our moving to another state checklist.

Map of United States
Moving to another state requires some preparations

Plan a budget

The first thing to do is to figure out how much money you’re going to spend on relocation. You don’t have to know the exact amount, as long as you have a general idea and a certain limit on your expenses. To plan a budget, you’ll need to get a few estimates from at least three different moving companies. Only reach out to reliable and licensed movers and compare quotes to see which company is the best fit for you. Besides moving services, also include travel expenses, especially if you’re moving to another country, since you’ll need airplane tickets, hotel, etc. Don’t forget you’ll also need to pay for a storage unit in case you need to keep things away until you move into your new home. So, make use of some money-saving tips for moving and start saving money in advance.

Visit your new place (online or in-person)

The more you’re familiar with your new surroundings, the easier it will be to adjust to change and start feeling comfortable. Before you move away, go ahead and explore your new area, including your home and neighborhood. If possible, do so in person, but if not, you can also get online and find pictures and videos or even find a live stream of your street − for example, use Google Maps.

Browsing google maps on a MacBook
Google maps can help you out

Check out new amenities

Whichever way you chose to visit your new home, it’s helpful to check out important locations – that includes a convenience store, pharmacy, schools, ambulance, police station, kindergarten, university, etc. Most cities have official websites where you can get basic info and check for contact if you need any additional help.

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Do your research and learn more about your new domicile

Cancel utilities

The last thing you want once you reach the new address is to find it without electricity and water. Imagine traveling to another state and finally arriving home, only to find out you can’t take a shower or even turn the lights on. Prevent this kind of inconvenience by canceling utilities for your current home and arranging for a new one. Your landlord may take care of this, so reach out in advance and ask if you should handle it personally or leave it to them.

Transfer your records

Your moving to another state checklist should also include transferring all important documents. You may forget about medical records in the middle of all the fuss, so make sure to write this task down. If you wonder how to transfer medical records when moving, don’t worry, this should be a fairly simple procedure.

A Person Checking A Medical Record On A Tablet
Nowadays, transferring a medical record is easy

Update your info

The next thing on your moving to another state checklist is to update your address and personal documents. That means changing the address in your ID, getting a new drivers’ license, etc. Changing the address is easy and can be done through the official USPS website. You’ll also have to forward mail to make sure you don’t miss any important notifications. The good thing about updating your address is that you’ll get all sorts of discount coupons and promotions that you can use to save money on moving expenses.

Establish domicile

To claim a residence in your new state, you’ll have to go through a certain process which depends on the state you move to. Each state has its own formal process for claiming residency, so get online and visit the official website. Don’t be shy to reach out to them in case you don’t find the necessary info online. Make sure to go through this step, otherwise, you may end up paying taxes in two states.

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Make sure you don’t forget to establish a domicile

Pack like a pro

Most of the tasks on your moving checklist are short and sweet, but here’s one that can be really time-consuming and that’s − packing. Before you start filling the boxes with your items, take a moment to create a plan about how to pack your moving boxes and keep the items together. Decide what’s going to be your starting point and which way you want to pack. The best idea is to start with packing rooms that don’t get much traffic and contain non-essential items, such as the attic, basement, garage, etc.

Packing for moving to another state
Packing skills are crucial for an easy interstate move

Pack one room at a time and proceed to rooms with the most traffic, such as the kitchen and living room. Find out how your moving company charges their services – they may do so based on the overall weight of your shipment or by the space your items take in the moving truck. Pack depending on how they charge, for example, if they charge by space, learn how to save space when packing for a move, and follow these methods, for instance, the nesting method to pack smaller items inside bigger items. When you’re moving long-distance, it’s always a good idea to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items before you move. By doing so, you’ll have less to pack and you’ll spend less on moving company’s services. You can sell or donate whatever is left after you declutter.

Hire a professional moving company

The last task on our list but probably the most important one for successful moving to another state is to hire a reliable and licensed professional moving company. Finding a trustworthy mover requires some time and research, so make sure to check reviews, compare quotes, and figure out the best option. Keep in mind that all movers will have to see your home to provide an accurate quote, so if you come across an offer over the phone without visual inspection, keep on searching for a moving company. For a convenient and stress-free move to another state, contact Dumbo Moving and Storage. We’re at your service and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote for your cross-country move.

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