How to make your small apartment feel bigger

How to make your small apartment feel bigger

small apartment feel bigger

Your big move is finally completed. All of your belongings are delivered safe and sound, your NYC movers have done an excellent job and the whole moving process went better than expected.
There are no lost or damaged items, everything’s in perfect condition. You just need to figure out how to arrange and decorate your new space. Also, if your new place is smaller than the previous one, you will need to organize your belongings so that each item fits.

Adjusting to the idea of downsizing may be challenging, since you need to decide where to store all those items that don’t fit, how to accommodate your guests and how to make your new home a comfortable place for you and your family.

However, your resourcefulness and creativity may help you come up with some interesting solutions and ideas about how to make your place feel more spacious and make the most of every square foot.

Tricks and tips on how to make your place feel bigger

– Decide which items you need on hand and which can be stored. Research local storage companies and have all unnecessary items stored. Make sure the storage unit has all necessary features (climate control, alarm, proper security system) and that you can access it whenever you like.

– Donate or recycle items you won’t be using in the future. Remember, in a small space every square foot counts.

– You have probably heard that dark paint makes a room feel smaller, so dark walls in small spaces wouldn’t be the smartest decision when it comes to decorating your new place. No matter how elegant dark colors may seem, they make your room appear smaller. On the other hand, white color makes any type of space look more open, spacious and airy. If white walls and ceiling seem too sterile to you, introduce a touch of pale and warm shades or add some stylish accessories like fancy, colorful paintings or mirrors. However, too many pictures or paintings on the walls may seem too overwhelming. Don’t cover the walls with a lot of paintings, pictures and other accessories.
If you don’t know how to use colors to your advantage, you can either consult a professional interior decorator or follow our tips. Using several shades of one color is a good way to make your space look brighter and more cohesive.

– Big contrasts make the space look and feel smaller. A conspicuous visual contrast between the paint on the walls/ceilings and the color of the furniture and an inconsistent color scheme will not support you idea of making your space feel larger.

– Opt for multi-purpose furniture with storage space. Save some space by purchasing pieces of furniture that serve many functions – adjustable and expendable tables, wall beds, convertible beds, beds with pull-out drawers, storage ottomans, console tables with drawers and other space-saving essential.

– Having an elevated bed is a significant space-saver since it allows you to place storage boxes underneath.

– Hang a couple of mirrors in order to open up your space and create the illusion of depth. An oversized mirror near the window that reflects the outdoors can be very effective.

– Open up your floor space by putting the bed in a corner of the bedroom.

– Take advantage of your wall space to create some interesting shelves that can accommodate some of your personal items.

– Free your space from clutter and keep it tidy and organized. Try not to overcrowd your place with some tiny, decorative accessories.

– Let more natural light in your home by removing your dark drapes or putting the ones that let light through and keep your space open.

– Remove rugs so as to create the illusion of bigger floor space.

– Use transparent accessories in order to visually increase the size of your place – vases, decorative bowls, photo frames,…

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