Informing people about your relocation - who and why?

Informing people about your relocation - who and why?

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Informing people about your relocation is an important item on your checklist

Breaking the news about the upcoming move can be an emotionally challenging task. Informing people about your move is usually a heart-breaking experience, as moving away from your loved ones can be very tough. Even if your move is for the best, goodbyes are never easy. But, aside from dealing with the emotional impact of moving, there’s a seemingly endless list of logistical tasks that require your attention. As it turns out, all service providers, communities and third-parties you are somehow involved with will be interested to find out your new address.

All household moves tend to be rather hectic, so forgetting some important steps should come as no surprise. One of your top priority tasks is to notify certain people and organizations about the upcoming move. Aside from getting recommendations for reliable residential movers NYC, budgeting for moving services and making sure that everything goes according to plan, you should know that informing people about your relocation is just as important. Managing your time wisely is of the essence when moving house, so you may want to make an announcement as soon as your move becomes imminent.
Here are some of the stress-busting guidelines that will help you tackle this important task. If you were wondering who to inform first, you may find the following suggestions very valuable and relieving.

Friends, relatives, neighbors

In the weeks leading up to your moving day, you will have to figure out the right time to break the news.

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Use social media to spread the news about the forthcoming relocation

Your family and close friends will most probably learn of your move as soon as you make up your mind. Informing people you care about so deeply that you are moving away can be an upsetting experience. Especially if you are about to move to another country. So, once you’ve 100% sure that you’re moving, gather your friends and gently inform them about your decision. Be careful while informing people about your relocation, as it will most definitely come as a shock for many of them.

But, considering your tight moving schedule, chances are you won’t have much time to organize face-to-face meetings and gatherings before the move. Therefore, consider implementing some less personal methods such as social media announcements, phone calls, emails…Your friends have always been a major support and chances are they will be willing to help you organize your relocation. Their help will be valuable and very appreciated if you are about to perform a DIY move.

Employers and coworkers

Give your boss enough time to find your replacement

Unless you’ve been transferred to another branch/office, you may want to share your decision with your employer and colleagues during the early stage of your relocation project. Leaving a job and dear coworkers is never easy, but your primary goal should be to handle this situation professionally and respectfully.

It’s customary to give your employer 2 weeks up to one month of advance notice so that they can arrange for your replacement and minimize disruption. Whatever your plans are, it’s always a bad idea to keep your relocation a secret for a long time. After all, you probably don’t want to end your professional relationship on bad terms. Don’t wait too long to talk to your boss and explain the reason why you are leaving. Always be upfront and honest and don’t forget to ask for a recommendation.


The landlord-tenant relationship is very strict in NYC. So, if you are renting an apartment, your landlord should be one of the first persons to inform about the upcoming move. Giving your landlord proper move-out notice may be formal, depending on the type of your lease. Therefore, make sure to understand your lease and your obligations when about to break the news to your landlord.

In most cases, you will have to put your 30 days’ move-out notice in writing to make it official. Make sure you are doing it according to your lease terms so that you can get your security deposit back. Needless to say, you will have to leave the property in the same condition as it was when you moved in to be able to recover your security deposit. Informing people about your relocation well in advance will keep further inconveniences and headaches at bay.

Who to notify when relocating?

Having informed your loved ones, colleagues and landlord now is the time to change your address with your service providers and organizations. One of the benefits of having a reputable Flatbush moving company around when organizing your NYC move is that you will have more time to tackle those tasks that require your immediate attention.

  • Post office

When it comes to the organizations you should inform of your forthcoming move, the post office is probably the first one that crosses your mind. The good news is that you can file a change-of-address through the online form and save some valuable time along the way.

  • Utility companies

Contact your utility company to have the services disconnected at your old home and set up at your new residence. It’s highly important all the services are up and running by the time you move to your new home. Moving to a new home without some basic utility services could be both inconvenient and frustrating.

medical records
Have your medical and dental records transferred to the new clinic
  • Insurance companies and banks

Visit or call the customer service of your bank to update your address. Also, if you are using your home or renter’s insurance coverage for moving purposes, chances are you’ll remember to update your personal details with the insurance company.

  • Medical institutions

Have your medical records transferred to your new home town. Also, get recommendations for local doctors and healthcare institutions in your new area.

Informing people about your relocation – who’s left?

A seemingly endless list of the people and companies you should notify about the move continues with the following:

  • IRS
  • Your kids’ school
  • Monthly and weekly subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, online shopping sites
  • Car insurance company
  • Clubs and social organizations
  • Electoral register

The truth is that changing your address takes quite some time, but if it’s done in advance you are likely to avoid major hassles like past-due bills or missing mail. While informing people about your relocation, you can make plans for some future get-togethers.

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