How to Throw a Packing Party When Moving

How to Throw a Packing Party When Moving

Moving away is stressful in so many ways. You will change your lifestyle, friends, job, house, and you have to have money to cover all the expenses. Luckily, we usually move for the better and with just a few people that can help you out, moving does not have to be stressful at all. To make your moving fun learn how to throw a packing party and save tons of time and money. The idea of a packing party has joined the desire to see your friends for the last time and be able to pack everything in time for the relocation. The result is so much fun and making memories once again.

Party Ballons for a Packing Party When Moving
Have fun and throw a packing party when moving

Decide what is worth packing

Every move is different. You can be moving far away or next door, and you can be moving alone or with your entire family. But every move has something in common, and that is a lot of unused items waiting to be either reused or thrown away. There is no reason why you should relocate the items you no longer use, want, or if they don`t work. It is okay to leave some of the dear memories behind because life goes on and you can`t hold on to everything. Before you call your friends over for a packing party, make sure to know what exactly will they be packing. Organize a pre-move garage sale, donate, recycle, or throw away everything that you have outgrown.

Invite people over

Send out the invitations approximately a week before the party. This will give your friends plenty of time to rearrange their schedules if necessary. You should ask them to confirm whether they are coming. Also, don`t invite just a friend or two to your party, although this is okay as well. If possible, invite a dozen people. This will make the party even more fun, and packing will be done in much less time. The sooner you finish packing your items, the more time you will have to say goodbye to your friends. Send out invitations via e-mail or simply make a few phone calls.

Get packing supplies

Packing supplies are the one thing that you should have plenty of. A few days before the party head over to the DIY store, or the improvement store to get what you need. Here is a brief list of the most important packing supplies:

Moving boxes – Get moving boxes in various sizes (small, medium, large, boxes for mirrors, liquor boxes). The trick with moving boxes is to pack heavier items in smaller boxes, and light items in bigger ones. There are plenty of ways in which you can obtain moving boxes for free, just make sure that they are in good condition. For example, your grocery or liquor store has a lot of boxes you can use for moving.

Packing tape – A moving box is nothing without high-quality packing tape.

The packing supplies
Prepare yourself for a moving and get the moving boxes in various sizes

Bubble wrap – Your fragile items are best secured with a bubble wrap. Dishes, glasses, electronic devices, you name it, bubble wrap will protect it. For extra fragile items like your grandma`s fine china, use a double layer of it and your items will be safe.

Packing paper – Wrapping your items with packing paper, and filling out empty places inside the moving box with it are the best ways to ensure your items` safety. Of course, you don`t have to buy the packing paper if you have the old newspaper. Just note that it is not wise to wrap glasses or electronic devices such as a tablet into the newspaper as it may leave a mark.

Moving blankets – Some things cannot fit inside the moving box. Your piano, stationary bike, or statue will be transported most safely if you wrap it in a moving blanket. But just like with the packing paper, you can use a substitute for the real thing. Your old blankets will serve the purpose just fine.

The organization is the key when if you want to throw a packing party when moving

Imagine having a bunch of your friends over, but you don`t have a list of tasks ready. And minute by minute you start chatting, and you end up with not a single box packed. We know that you would rather have a great time with your friends and that packing is not that much fun, but a packing party is the best thing you can do. Make a list of all the packing tasks that should be done. Print it and tape it to the fridge or on some other prominent place in the house. Leave a marker near it, and as soon as one task is completed, the person that did it should cross it over.

Set the atmosphere

When you have your friends over for a packing party, you should pay respect to the party part. Get some of their favorite snacks on the table. Order pizza, or some other meal for lunch if you want. Make sure you have cold beverages available. Since you will be inviting your friends over, you already know what kind of music they listen to. Make the best playlist for moving day – play the energizing music and see how it affects the mood of the party. Also, you can prepare some games that you can play during the packing party. Your friends will love them.

Hanging Decorations
Set the right kind of atmosphere and show your friends you love them

Don`t make your friends do the heavy lifting

The more the merrier is true when it comes to packing. You can pack so much more boxes when several people are packing them. However, you should not abuse your friends` kind gestures and make them do the heavy lifting of your belongings. Leave that to the professional moving company. If your friends expect to pack your items, make sure they do just that.

Be available

When you throw a packing party when moving, make sure that you are available for all the questions. It is a good thing to know where and how the items should be packed. Also, don’t forget to label moving boxes. Answer all of the questions efficiently. And, most importantly you should pack the items as well, and also see to it that everyone has enough packing supplies, snacks, and beverages. Good luck!

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