The Best Playlist for Moving Day

The Best Playlist for Moving Day

Let’s face it. We have all imagined ourselves as movie protagonists at one point of our lives. Maybe it was back in the high school hallway or sitting in a job interview, or just walking to the store. And we have chosen songs that would be ideal to play in the background. Moving is exactly one of those moments when we need to feel like a movie star in order to go through with all of the mundane tasks required of us.

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There is scientific evidence to support this.

Moving quite often represents one of the high-stress situations in life. Relocating your personal and professional life, changing your routine and adapting to a new microclimate can be very tenuous and riddled with anxiety. Listening to music can reduce stress by putting you in a good mood, forcing your brain to produce endorphins that keep you feeling calm. But what kind of music should you listen to?

No, you are not forced to listen to Mozart’s’ “Queen of the Night” aria (unless you want to).

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There is a great deal of songs that have the lyrics focused on the theme of moving, but if you don’t like them they shouldn’t be included in your playlist. Simply speaking, you should listen to music which puts you in a good mood. It could be Miles Davis, Beyonce, Radiohead or Nickelback. The songs that make you feel jolly and relaxed should be found on this playlist.

That being said, there is no universal playlist suited for moving day.


The best playlist should consist of all the songs that make you get out of bed and burst out of energy. We can only give some recommendations. For example, songs that have a common theme of moving, going or arriving somewhere. Also, we won’t recommend any sentimental ballads meant so say goodbye since they require a place and time of their own.

Here are some of the upbeat songs you can listen to when moving:

Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

Wham! – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Katrina and The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go

Post Malone – On the Road

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

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If you are in the midst of packing and just can’t find the time to create a list of your own, fear not. Thanks to the people who dedicated their time to create various playlists, you can just type “playlist for moving” on Youtube or any music streaming app (Deezer, Spotify) and scroll through hundreds of results. In fact, you can even find specific playlists such as “music for packing your closet” or “music for cleaning your room.”

To summarize, listening to music while moving will not only reduce your stress but also improve your mood. It is best that you have your own playlist of songs that lift your spirit, but if you haven’t the time, pick out one of many on music streaming apps.

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