How to Remodel Your Basement?

How to Remodel Your Basement?

Nowadays, extra space in your home has become a pure luxury. As the kids are growing older, or you start working from home, your needs change, and adding an extra room becomes completely understandable.

However, there is no need to search for a bigger home if you have a basement unit. Basements can be transformed into an extra room or several rooms, depending on how large it is. All you need is a bit of planning, time, and goodwill. We bring you the best ideas of basement remodeling that you will absolutely love.

Basement Remodeling

Before you start remodeling your basement

There are a few things you should have in mind before you start your basement transformation. It is quite easy to cross the line between a simple renovation and a costly renovation nightmare.

Decide what you need

Renovation Planning Concept

This is a crucial thing to do when starting this project. Sit down with your family and have a long talk about how space is going to be used. Think long-term as well. Planning is the most important thing here. You do not want to remodel your basement only to realize that you still will not be using it, as you do not need a home office for example.

Set the budget

And stick to it. Calculate how much money you want and can spend on basement remodeling. This is a very important step that should be done at the very beginning. It will make all of your future decisions much easier. Remember, you need extra space but you do not want to go in debt over your head for it. So, stick to your budget as much as possible, and you will be even more satisfied in the end.

Clean the entire basement unit

As long as the basement is crowded with unnecessary items you won`t use, you will not be able to see its true potential. Remove all the junk, declutter, get rid of unused items. Sell them at the garden sale or donate them, but keep them out of the basement. Once it is emptied, thoroughly clean it, and check for any possible issues. Is there mold, damp or anything else which should make you alarmed?

Turn your old basement into your favorite spot in the house

The time has come to do some magic and transform your basement into whatever you want. Everything is possible with a little bit of effort. You have so many options to choose from, and we will now present you with the best ones:

Home office

Home Office in the Basement

Your basement can become your oasis of peace and working atmosphere. If you cannot get yourself to work in your home, maybe the basement is exactly what you need. Make sure that the lighting is good by setting as many lamps as possible. Get a large desk and connect your laptop or a PC. Set up a large shelf where you will be able to keep all of your files. It is a great idea to place your desk where you have a lot of accessible light. Nothing will interrupt you here, that is for sure.

Guest room

A close up of a king-size bed.

You have a lot of guests, but there is simply no place for them to sleep over? These days are now finished, as you will be easily able to turn your basement into a guest room. The wall should be painted in light colors. Place in a king-sized bed and two nightstands. Throw in some pillows and use bright colored sheets. A shelf with books and magazines is a spot-on decision in this case, as your guests will love it.


If you’ve always dreamed of having a gym in your house, then now is the right time to make that dream happen. Remodel your basement into a gym in one weekend. Clean the basement thoroughly, and purchase all the equipment that you want to work out on. A basement is a perfect place for a gym as you will not worry about anyone seeing you or hearing you. Once again, be careful about the lighting as you should have plenty of it. Working out in an unlit environment can lead to unnecessary injuries. Use strong light bulbs that you will place in every corner of the basement, as well as on the ceiling.

Gaming room

Home Game Room

This is something we all dream about. Having a place in the house that is reserved only for games and playing is really cool. Your gaming room can inspire a lot of creativity in you. It can have a pool table, darts, cards, any social game that you have. Set up a large table as well where you will be able to play social games and place a large chandelier above it. Everything with which you like to play with your family can be right here. Have lazy bags as well to rest or read magazines, or play games with a joystick. Bring down your stereo and play music all day long.

Home movie theater

Home Movie Theater

Set up a home movie theater in your basement. You can place a large TV or use screen projectors, which can easily be found on Amazon for example. Use the old couch and armchairs as places where you can sit. In this case, it is not necessary for the whole basement to have a lot of light as you will have a perfect atmosphere for watching a movie. Here is very important to have high-quality speakers as they will make watching the movie just right.

Home library

In most homes, there is simply not enough space for having a library. Book lovers know that a shelf or two is not enough to accommodate all of their books. Plus, you need extra space just to sit, relax, and read without being interrupted. Use the entire wall or two of your basement for bookshelves. Get the most comfortable armchair or couch as you prefer and place it among the shelves. If possible, set up a fireplace, and the basement will definitely become your favorite spot in the house.

We have seen how you can remodel your basement with a little bit of creativity and free time. Enrich your basement with colorful plants, bright lamps, and photo frames. And most importantly, enjoy yourself.

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